General Hospital Spoilers: June 1, 2015 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Luke returns ready to party, Nathan tries to reason with Nina, Jordan gets a new job offer, Nikolas continues to go after ELQ, Tracy and Scotty have a moment. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital preview for the week of June 1, 2015.

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The Returns

Luke returns to Port Charles. He tries to make amends with Tracy regarding his impropriety but the couple is interrupted by a surprise visitor. Later, Luke suggests to Tracy that they throw a party at the Quartermaine house. Look for an unexpected guest to crash the party.

Silas comes home and catches up with Kiki and he shares the details of a recent incident. Silas is blackmailed into not revealing a situation.

Scenes From A Marriage

Ric plots with someone on a new scheme. Meanwhile, Nathan tries to convince his sister to have her marriage annulled. Nina feels guilty about a decision in regards to Franco, who gives her an ultimatum in order to convince her to end her marriage to Ric. Later, Nina calls Nathan and Franco’s bluff.

Also this week:

Sloane opens up to Anna about what happened with the Lomax election leading to a shared tender moment. Later, Anna regrets her actions. Anna receives a visit from Luke and he offers his condolences about Duke. Meanwhile, Lomax offers Jordan a new job with the PCPD.

Continuing his quest for ELQ, Nikolas uses Rosalie to get to Nina. They firm up their strategy to scam Michael out of his ELQ shares as well.

  • Morgan and Michael come to an understanding about their relationship.
  • Kiki is surprised by Morgan and Michael’s latest truce.
  • Valerie is thrilled with her new position and offers to take Dante and Lulu out to celebrate.
  • Lulu is reunited with an old friend.
  • Tracy and Scott have a thaw in their friendship over Duke’s death.
  • Luke and Sonny’s mended relationship is reaffirmed.

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Luke has an important announcement. Molly is not happy about her new stepmother. Tracy and Sabrina bond. Is Lulu the key to Nik’s plans?