‘Melrose Place’ stars bring a dose of scandal to ‘The Bay’

Photo Credit: LANY Entertainment
Melrose Place meets Bay City when LANY Entertainment’s Emmy winning drama series The Bay begins shooting its much anticipated fourth season later this week.  Joining the iconic cast is Vanessa Williams, best known for her roles as Rhonda Blair on Melrose Place and as Maxine Chadway on the Showtime cable television series Soul Food.  Joining the cast along with Williams is her Melrose Place co-star Thomas Calabro, noted for his role as Dr. Michael Mancini in all nine seasons plus its reboot and as Mr. Puckman on FOX Network’s hit television series Glee.

Williams will appear in the Season 4 premiere of The Bay as the Garrett’s crafty attorney Cleo Harris, a character who delivers life altering news to matriarch Sara Garrett’s (Mary Beth Evans) worried son Pete (Kristos Andrews). Calabro will make his first appearance in The Bay’s mid-season finale as a mystery man who threatens to throw a kink in an otherwise open and shut case.


“Melrose Place was one of the most iconic primetime soaps on television and was known for its jaw-dropping scandals,” stated The Bay’s creator, writer and Emmy-winning executive producer Gregori J. Martin.  “Considering the mayhem that’s currently happening in Bay City, Vanessa and Thomas make the perfect additions to our amazing cast.”

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