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Days of Our Lives Recap: Kimberly’s mothering makes Theresa uneasy, Kate’s unhappy with her son’s new romance

Lucas and Adrienne are intrigued when they learn about Kate's new work situation.

Both mothers old and new were acting out this last week in Salem, USA! From scheming to get ex-boyfriends back into their lives to endlessly meddling in their adult son’s love life, almost all of the drama was set into motion because of these women. Compared to a week prior, there was not much juicy material. But outside of the few problematic stories still on canvas, this past week was quite enjoyable. Let’s get into a few of the highlights for the week of May 26th on Days of Our Lives!


Say what you will about her but Theresa Donovan is bad to the bone – and sometimes in a very satisfying way. This last week, Theresa cooked up a pretty stupid plan to try and get Brady Black back into her clutches, a plan that pretty much everyone saw through instantly. Like a true bad girl, Theresa stuck to the tried and true method of constant denial until she actually got her way. And only after a million failed attempts before.

Theresa learned that a baby was not only a blessing but also the best form of leverage. Seemingly out of nowhere, Kimberly Brady arrived in Salem to visit her daughter and her new grandson. Theresa had been staying at Salem University Hospital after donating bone marrow to her ailing son, so it’s there that Kimberly first arrives in overbearing and doting mode. The two of them have a really nice dynamic that sets the tone for their scenes instantly. Not only is there chemistry between the two actresses but there’s so much story there that even their simple lines regarding baby Tate’s health have an undertone that makes you curious.

Kimberly and Brady battle for Theresa and Tate's future.

Kimberly and Brady battle for Theresa and Tate’s future.

With Kimberly around, Theresa’s guard immediately shoots up but as a viewer you can’t help but wonder why exactly. There were only ever flimsy excuses in regards to Theresa’s bad behavior, just citing her feelings of neglect from her entire family with little to no details. If only her parents would stay in town for more than two minutes we’d be able to get deeper into that family dynamic but for now all we have are these few scenes with Theresa’s skin crawling every time her mother wants to care for her. She really got going when Kimberly proposed that she come back home to Los Angeles so that she doesn’t have to care for the baby alone. Theresa disagreed initially, only thinking about her parents hovering over her but it’s not until meeting with Anne Milbauer that she realized she had a good option on hand.

Obviously thinking rationally, Theresa decided to bring Melanie Jonas to her room to deliver an ultimatum: either the redhead leaves both Salem and Brady so Theresa can raise her son with him or Theresa heads to Hollywood with Tate! After a week or two of falsely singing Melanie’s praises for tracking down her baby, it was nice to see Theresa honestly go for the jugular again. That’s where she excels next to crashing and burning. Of course Melanie called Theresa crazy but her message also got the gears to whirl in her head. When she met with Brady later, she discovered that he’d already come to learn about Theresa possibly moving to LA from her mother, Kimberly. Kimberly had paid a visit to the Kiriakis mansion to have a talk with Brady only it turned into a heated blowout when Victor Kiriakis showed up, the former lovers having at it over their now forever entwined lives. Because of this, Brady called upon Aiden Jennings to figure out his custody options. With his grandfather’s checkered past and Theresa’s parents being more or less shining examples of people (at least now), he figured that his chance to win was unfortunately slim. When Aiden was gone, Melanie finally admitted to Brady that Theresa had again confessed her love for him while warning Melanie to get out of her way. Enraged, Brady made his way to Theresa’s hospital room to tell her that both Tate and Melanie will be a part of his life.

The next day, he showed up again with a custody agreement and a calmer demeanor. He apologized and served her the papers outlining a very generous deal – except for the part where she must remain in Salem to raise the baby. Kimberly showed up just in time to keep Theresa from signing away what her mother believes is her freedom. After kicking the hostile man out, Theresa told her mother she’ll be able to handle Brady and that she should return to California. Kimberly agreed reluctantly but only after remembering Eve Donovan and her daughter would be around to help Theresa (as if).

Across town, Melanie could not keep Theresa’s words out of her mind. She recalled what it was like to not have her two parents in her life, growing up with the awful Trent Robbins as a father which ultimately brings her to the decision to leave Salem, thus shocking Brady – and making viewers cheer! The character of Melanie took a beating this last visit. At the start, Melanie was a bit of a breath of fresh air but over time she became nosy, airy and the epitome of all that is good, much like her father, Daniel Jonas. . I can’t say that I’m sorry to see her go this time but I am excited to see how in the world mother Theresa will get Brady to not want to lock her in a secret room.

Momzilla 2: The Blue Streak

Salem’s very own Cool Mom with funky highlights was in prime form this last week. There has never been a moment in Kate Roberts’ time on screen that she wasn’t doing something to fix her children’s lives – for what she figured was for the better. And when you have a million kids and counting like Kate does, that’s a lot of work. It’s amazing she’s even able to run her company at this point. Unfortunately for him, Lucas Horton is the only child Kate has in town at the moment, so all of her attention is focused upon him and his adulterous ways.

Much like every Salemite, Lucas and Adrienne Kiriakis have no problem pouring out all their tea in public settings. These two take it to the most public place in town, Horton Town Square, to openly wonder if they should come out as a couple to Lucas’ sister, Jennifer Horton. With perfect timing, Kate showed up to shut the pair of them down, daring them to air all the dirty laundry for everyone to see then. Her distaste for both Adrienne and the way her son is carrying on was clear even though Lucas brushed her off. The two of them were still at an impasse that was unlikely to go away any time soon. They bickered a bit; Lucas even went as far as to throw it in his mother’s face how he is a product of adultery (as if that makes his affair okay). Surprisingly, Kate did not deny or even shirk a bit of her responsibility for that situation though she did voice her concern over Lucas being alienated by the rest of the town for his bad choice; much like she had been when the truth about Lucas’ paternity came to light. What Kate left them with was her hope that Adrienne was worth all of the trouble. This has Adrienne feeling troubled, probably wondering what she’d gotten both Lucas and herself into now. Even so, the new couple still head back to Lucas’ hotel room for some hot love in the afternoon.

Little do they know that on the other side of town, Victor had put into a motion a plan to break apart the new lovebirds. From the older tycoon, Kate learned that Justin Kiriakis would technically be her new boss, supervising her CEO position. This had the independent woman up in arms of course as she’d prepared to take Mad World to new heights on her own. But what Victor wanted, he always got – at least when it directly involved him. This chance was tailored to his nephew Justin who’ll advise Kate in all the best ways to destroy her son, who happens to be the man who destroyed what was left of his marriage.

The next day is when the new development is found out by the other party involved. Adrienne and Lucas were out for breakfast when the former noticed Justin chasing after an angry Kate. The four of them meet up with Adrienne confused as to why Justin isn’t back in Dubai with (Princess) Elsa and with Kate of all people. They used this time to announce their new partnership that Lucas immediately shot down as Victor’s idea, noting the transparency in the new set up. It’s probably safe to assume that Lucas now knows that with his ruthless mother and husband of his lover teamed up, this business arrangement will not be limited to just the boardroom.

Pitting these four at each other’s necks with a business aspect was an interesting turn. Kate could have very easily tried to buy off Adrienne or have her roughened up or something, one of her trusty old tricks. But no, she’ll be seeking vengeance through destroying her son which maybe to her will make him see the error of her ways and return to her arms. Who knows with Kate sometime. Days of Our Lives has not done business storylines very well in the last few years and I don’t expect them to turn it around with this story either, even if business is technically a big factor in what’ll transpire on screen. I’m much more interested to see how the four of them will interact in this relationship square. It’s a new kind of love square, one with three lovers and an overbearing mother all tangled up together. Though it’s very possible that Justin and Kate might hook up, I’d prefer them to stay frenemies throughout this love and workplace showdown. Out of Clyde Weston’s orbit is where Kate needs to be, but I don’t think I’d be sold on a Kate and Justin couple. She was technically his aunt for a few years! Whatever happens, I’ll be beyond happy to see Kate doing something other than tagging along behind Clyde’s wagon. Also, how fun was that Kate and Hope Brady scene this week too? Please branch out the characters more! What do you think will happen with these four characters? Or more importantly, what do you want to happen?

Once again, these recaps are not always blow for blow recaps and contain a lot of my own feelings toward the storylines this week. Use my points to kick off a conversation! Comment here or tweet me if you agree or disagree with me, I want to know what the readers have to say. Your input is what makes this all the most fun. See you next week!

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