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General Hospital Spoilers: June 8, 2015 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Sabrina suspects Rosalie, Sloane asks Nikolas for a favor, Jake gets a new job opportunity, Silas feels guilty. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of June 8, 2015.

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His Girl Friday

Michael and Sabrina try to figure out who is telling them the truth in regards to business dealings. Sabrina doubts Rosalie’s true intentions. As a result, Sabrina hires Sam to investigate Rosalie. Sabrina and Rosalie have a heated argument that ends with Sabrina giving Rosalie a chilling warning. Later, Tracy and Sabrina form a bond over sharing similar circumstances while Michael learns there is a possible mole in ELQ.

Nikolas strategizes with Rosalie on how Lulu might be the final key to obtaining the majority stake in ELQ. Later, Sloane asks Nikolas for a favor however, Nikolas also has a proposition for Sloane to consider. At the end of the week, Nikolas is reunited with a loved one.

Stocks and Bonds

Nina and Franco have another argument over her hasty marriage. Meanwhile, a desperate Franco turns to Obrecht for advice on how to convince Nina leave Ric while Sam meets with Nina about her latest business transactions.

Molly is not happy with Ric’s decision to marry Nina. Later when TJ finds himself in trouble, Ric comes to his aid.

Also this week

Jake is intrigued by a new job opportunity, but Elizabeth tries to dissuade him from applying. She franticly tells Nikolas she is worried about the possible repercussions if Jake gets this particular job.

Kiki worries when she cannot find Denise. Morgan expectantly consoles someone, finding himself in a compromising position.

Luke makes a sudden announcement at the party. Lulu is prompted to demand answers from him about his latest decisions.

  • Silas feels guilty about Nina’s current situation.
  • Sloane is shocked and saddened by Anna’s news.
  • Nathan confides in Maxie that he is worried about Nina.
  • Jordan is surprised by an interrogation going on at the PCPD.
  • Dante is torn about his latest arrest.
  • Michael is unsettled by an experience with baby AJ.

Source Sneak Peek: June 15

The investigation into the ELQ takeover continues. Jordan finds herself in debt to Sonny. Morgan shares a vulnerable moment with Denise. Lulu is asked to keep a secret.

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