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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Liam Waffles, Ivy Faces Deportation


After months of daring and riveting storytelling, The Bold and the Beautiful has decided to regress back to their predictable and overdone triangle/quad formula for the summer. Proving that the problem with using the same recipe is that you often get the same stale leftovers. 

Too Many Tennis Balls

The week pretty much started off where we left it in February in relation to the Steffy/Liam/Ivy triangle. Once again Steffy was doing a bad job of fighting her feelings for her ex-husband and once again Liam was doing nothing to discourage it. Add in a kiss, a blabby mouth Aly and whiny Ivy and this story became really annoying quickly. The new error, I mean era of Forrester looked rather pathetic and random as their first official meeting started on Monday’s show. Not to mention anything but professional. Aly’s presence in these meetings still boggles the mind. I didn’t get it during the HFTF meetings and I get it even less with Couture. The most we have ever been told about her official title at this company was Intern. So why she’s allowed to be as disruptive and out of line as she is? I guess is chalked up to her last name. Nothing really got accomplished in this meeting other than high school antics, a VP who was clearly out of place, and a few dresses that looked pretty lack luster to me.

After the meeting, however, things got interesting as Wyatt made his own move on Forrester’s new president. After Steffy said she longed for a summer of romance and adventure, Wyatt let her know he was more than willing to oblige. I’m still on the fence with these two to be honest. The kiss they shared left Steffy breathless but left me a little underwhelmed. Mainly because I see no point in having the Spencer brothers fight over another woman. It’s like a never ending marry-go-round. One difference with this seems to be all the cards being laid out on the table. Steffy, never the shy one once again confronted Liam about their history and how they have a chance to actually get it right this time. Liam, never as committed as he always claims, seemed to finally be coming around to her way of seeing things. Even alluding to letting Ivy down easy, unaware she was listening the entire time. Whether this was more about his love for Steffy or his refusal to lose another girl to his brother, Liam is once again the most wishy washy character on the canvas. He has always just had things handed to him. Because he’s never had to work hard for anything, he feels like he can change his mind about it at any time. Wyatt’s presence to constantly remind him of that has been so necessary to this show.

Bad Rom-Com

Girl meets boy. Girl falls in love with boy. Girl needs a Green Card. Tale as old as time. Sigh. So this week an INS agent randomly appeared to advise Ivy that on top of everything else she has to whine about, being in the country illegally was something else to add to the list. Now I don’t claim to know the first thing about Immigration law, but it all sounded oh so plotty to me. The only thing that kept me somewhat interested in this repetitive trope was Quinn’s manipulations to suite her own gain. While I would prefer to see Quinn enjoy her own life, and Bill too for that matter, anytime Rena Sofer is on my screen, I am laser focused. Wanting her son with Steffy, Quinn once again decided to help along in the process. Her tactics this time were a LOT less drastic, and for that I am grateful. All she did upon hearing of Ivy’s deportation was suggest that she and Liam get married. No pushing people off bridges, no locking people in steam rooms. She just threw out possibly the most cliché solution and sent Ivy on her way to get it done. One thing that would step this story up a notch is if it was revealed that Steam’s biggest cheerleader, Bill, was the one who tipped Immigration off in the first place. Do it, Brad!

Before she could pop the question to Liam, he spent a fair amount of time not breaking up with her. I did not at all understand the majority of this scene. Liam told Ivy that the wall he put up with Steffy was coming down but fell short of giving her the heave ho. Had it not been for the deportation confession, I have no clue where that conversation was supposed to go. What is the outcome when you tell your current girlfriend that you have feelings for your ex but you’re NOT breaking up with her? Felt like maybe he was trying to get her to breakup with him to ease his conscience. But a las, Ivy did drop the immigration issue at Liam’s feet and did suggest marriage. Liam’s face at that suggestion was less than excited. Just like mine.

I’m Stuck

Also this week we saw the emotional struggle Caroline was facing after her freak accident in New York. Having been seemingly bed ridden and unable to take care of herself, Caroline was having a rough go of it. As Caroline explained what happened and how she was dealing with it, it was no longer acting. This was Linsey’s story. Her struggles. Her truth. It was truly heartbreaking to watch but so brilliant. Ridge gently pushed her to finally take a few steps determined to help her the way she helped him when he lost his ability to draw. It was quite poetic. It almost masked the fact that her time away has extinguished the spark they had in the beginning.

This week, news of Liam and Ivy’s wedding caused cheers and jeers.

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