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General Hospital Recap: Ava confesses to Franco, Frank Smith puts in an appearance and #Lante cheat on each other


This week General Hospital celebrated the anniversary of our nation’s independence with fireworks, gunfire, affairs and bad weaves. One can always tell it’s the Fourth of July in Port Charles when the park set gets dusted off. This year no dolls were harmed, but some hearts were broken.

“I’m Avery’s mother.”

Ava’s getting more desperate to see Avery and with her over the top behavior, it’s a wonder that she hasn’t blown her cover. But then again it’s a wonder that anyone is buying into the whole “Denise” thing in the first place. I’m glad Ava and her portrayer Maura West are back running amok in Port Charles, but there was no need to dumb down everyone else to make it happen. But that’s a whole other article… Needless to say Ava’s plan isn’t working as she had hoped. Especially when she finds out that Avery has been handed over to Sonny, the only one who seems at all suspicious of “Denise.”

Screenshot 2015-07-02 23.35.37Ava’s need to get to Avery is a bit of a juxtapose to what’s going with her relationship with her other daughter Kiki. I’m not a huge fan of the Morgan and Kiki pairing. I was a fan of the Morgan and Ava pairing when it was going strong. West and Bryan Craig still spark, but the current catnip-like attraction between “Denise” and Morgan feels like lust and lust only. It seems silly that Morgan can’t tell that “Denise” is the first woman he ever loved. Not to mention there should be some friction between them considering Morgan gave her up to Sonny, an act that almost cost her life. The only obstacle they really have right now is Kiki and neither is behaving like they really care that much for her.

Ava’s former and currently faux lover Franco is worried about Kiki though. When his BFF Dr. Obrecht helps him figure out that there is something going on with “Denise” and Morgan, he runs right to Kiki with his concerns. The young lady, who he once thought was his daughter but is now just his friend but suspiciously likes BLTs, doesn’t buy that Morgan would be involved with “Denise.” Why she’s so trusting of Morgan I don’t know, but she’s so content that Morgan is committed to her that she blabs the whole thing to him.

Meanwhile, Franco and “Denise” bump into each other at Kelly’s. “Denise” is feeling vulnerable after being refused visitation to Avery and let’s it slip that she’s the baby’s mother not her aunt. Franco thinks it was a mistake and Ava quicky covers. But then she gets a look on her face, as if she just concocted a new plan, and confesses to Franco.

Now Franco of all people really should have been able to figure this one out on his own (perhaps he did and was just waiting for Ava to say it), but regardless the fact that he now knows who Ava is has opened some interesting possibilities. First off, someone knows that “Denise” is total BS so we can all do a happy dance about that. Second, Ava now has a possible partner in crime who will no doubt prove to be less of a fun hater than born again virgin Dr. Silas Clay.

The Last Adventure

So it turns out the person who’s behind Lucky and Ethan’s kidnapping is none other than Frank Smith. Like his daughter Jennifer, Frank has been recast just so he can be a part of this last hurrah. This may be exciting to fans of Luke and Laura’s earlier days, but I’m just kind of bored with it. I think I’m just adventured out when it comes to Luke and would have preferred something more heartfelt and family oriented for his ending. But that’s just my opinion.

I’m a bit surprised to say that the best part of Luke’s exit so far has been Laura. I feel like Laura is kind of getting some justice with this story. Laura has gone through a few different phases in the past – innocent ingenue to “mom sweater” wearing mom – and her current version seems to fit well. She’s left behind the victim image for a badass heroine who doesn’t take any crap. I’m actually looking forward to seeing what’s next for her sans Luke.

The Bad Husband

Screenshot 2015-06-29 20.20.57Dante’s suspicions of Lulu and growing relationship with her cousin Valerie has been a bit hard to watch for some fans. Dante and Lulu have been together since 2009 and married since 2011. That’s a long time to be committed in soapland. I think a lot of their fans liked that about them. But the pairing did need a shake-up and some major conflict. That’s something all super couples need. I’m okay with Dante making this mistake even though the sudden mistrust amongst the pairing is jarring.

The best part of this story is what Dominic Zamprogna is bringing to it. From a viewer stand point, it feels like I was just dropped into the middle of all the action but Zamprogna is right where he needs to be. He’s playing a man who’s completely in love with his wife, feeling betrayed and wondering what he’s done to fail his family. “Maybe I suck at marriage,” he tells Valerie.

Dante’s behavior is wrong and I think he knows that. But he’s feeling like the life he’s built with Lulu is over and that things can’t get any lower for him. Dante is one of the few characters on GH that is able to take responsibility for his actions. When the fact that he crossed a line with Valerie comes out, the fallout will no doubt feel very real.

Lulu may not have behaved inappropriately in the physical sense like Dante did , but I think it’s fair to say she had a bit of an emotional affair with Dillon. Not a full blown one of course. Dillon and Lulu are friends after all. But they were at one time more than that and the fears and emotions that Lulu is feeling for her family’s safety is being shared with Dillon instead of her husband. She’s unfairly denied Dante the opportunity to be the one that is there for her in her time of need and for a pretty flimsy reason.

Dante and Lulu both love each other and have been happy in their marriage. They share a child together and put up with each other’s friends and family. Will they be able survive this?

For a peak at what’s ahead, check out our GH spoilers.

Photos courtesy of ABC.

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