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General Hospital Spoilers: July 6, 2015 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Patrick has an update on Hayden, Elizabeth worries about Lucky, Lulu tells Dante the truth, Brad has a secret, Tracy runs into someone on her way out of town. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital preview for the week of July 6, 2015.

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Secret Keepers

Jake and Sam agree to keep their investigation of Nikolas a secret from Elizabeth and Patrick. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Nikolas start to doubt the secret they are keeping, but Nikolas is able to put Elizabeth’s mind at ease. After Patrick has an update on Hayden’s condition, Jake and Sam ponder the connection between Nikolas and Hayden. Later, Sam makes her cousin Nikolas uneasy when asking some probing questions.

Elizabeth lets Jake know that she is worried because she has not heard from her ex-husband Lucky and later receives an unexpected house guest.

You’re Cheating Heart

Lulu lets Dante in on the truth about where she has really been with Dillon. Feeling guilty, Dante is on the verge of making a confession to Lulu, but is interrupted by Dillon who sets the record straight about the nature of his relationship with Lulu. Meanwhile, a vulnerable Valerie accidentally slips some information to Jordan. Later, Carly unintentionally shares some information with Lulu regarding her husband and her cousin.

Also this week:

Tracy decides to leave town on business and bumps into someone while at the airport. Later, Tracy lets Dillon know that he has a visitor.

Luke and Laura continue to risk their lives in order to save Lucky in time. Later, Luke is staggered by a revelation. Luke and Laura realize the implications of a positive reality.

  • While Lucas wonders why Brad is dragging his feet about the wedding, Brad admits to Felix that he is keeping a something from Lucas.
  • After making an admission to Franco, Denise has a proposition for Franco regarding Nina.
  • Nina and Silas bring each other up to speed on their lives.
  • Carly tells Elizabeth that she and Josslyn are at the hospital to hear the results of Josslyn’s cancer check-up.
  • TJ is worried that his mother might make trouble for Sonny.
  • Dante and Valerie continue to bond.

Source Sneak Peek: July 13

Elizabeth gets some pleasing and unexpected news. Jake and Monica end up having a random visit with each other. Sonny is ready to take a big step with Carly. Franco tries to obtain some evidence from Scott.

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