‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Jake Is Alive, Paul Brings Potential Story for Tracy, Dante Strays


This week’s General Hospital was all about the surprise returns. The most surprising being that of little Jake Spencer. This return made many fans happy, but also leaves a lot of questions. Jake was dead. He was tragically run down by his drunk driving grandfather and his organs were harvested. Not exactly “He doesn’t have a head!” but pretty darn close. Maybe this isn’t Jake but Jake’s twin who has been kept in an undisclosed location all this time? Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Jake is Alive

Screenshot 2015-07-09 22.51.32Jake lives! Wow. How many of you saw that one coming? I have so many questions…

This reminds me a lot of when Lucky “died” in a fire years ago because he left some candles unattended when he slept. I remember a grief stricken Laura demanding to see her son and then being sick at the sight of his charred body. But it turned out Lucky was alive and being held by Helena. This time Luke’s grandson Jake died after he ran him over in a drunken hit and run. But it turns out Helena had Jake all these years. Faking deaths seems to be a hobby of hers.

I think it’s safe to say that a lot of fans hated the story line of Jake’s death and there was a demand to have it somehow reversed. I’m still on the fence though as to if it was the right thing to do. I feel like this would work better for a “Lucky returns” story arc than Luke’s farewell. I’ll wait to see how it plays out.

I’m interested to see how Jake being alive will affect his mother. Liz hasn’t exactly been the same since she lost her son. I’d even go as far to say that it has had a very strong effect on her desire to have Jason. She lost the child they shared together, a child that symbolized a time when Jason had chosen her and I suspect that having Jason, regardless of what it costs, dulls that pain a little. But just like Jake’s death not being real, her current relationship with Jason isn’t real.

Once Liz finds out that Jake is alive, what will she do? Will she continue with her lies? With neither Lucky or Luke staying, the story needs to be about her and the choices she’ll make now.

Hello Paul

With Dillon’s return to Port Charles, his father Paul Hornsby showing up seems like a natural next step. My first impression of Richard Burgi as Paul is very positive. With Luke on his way out, it appears Tracy is going to be finally getting some story and maybe a renewed romance with a hunky ex-husband. I AM HERE FOR THIS!

It’s not just that Tracy is getting a story and potential love interest that has me excited. It’s the hint that fans are going to get something a bit more worthy of our Quartermaine Queen. Tracy is an alpha-female and she works best with an alpha-male type, someone who can match her in strength and wit. Say what you will about head writer Ron Carlivati, but I truly believe he gets this. He understood it when he paired Tracy with Joe Scully Jr. Disturbing mobster stuff aside, Joe thought Tracy was gorgeous and worth being a man for. I can see that potential with Paul.

Tracy was attracted to Luke because he was fun and I think Tracy needs that. I want her with someone who can challenge her while still making her feel good about herself. Someone who will earn her rather than someone who she has to make compromises for. Unfortunately that was never Luke.

I’m not sure yet where this story is heading. Maybe I’m completely off in my assumption that Tracy and Paul are going to reconnect and am just seeing the story that I want for a great character. Either way though my interest is sparked and sexy Paul has my attention.


Dante and Val had sex. This story has me…not really sure what to think. It’s really hard to articulate exactly how I feel about it. It’s not boring and has viewers definitely feeling something. That in itself is a good thing. Yet this is all, as I stated last week, a little jarring.

I wish Valerie had more relationships built before this affair happened. Outside of her interaction with Dante, there isn’t much going on with her. It seems that Dante is her only friend at the moment. Some interaction with other Spencers would be nice so that she could be more than just that woman that Dante cheated with. Telling her boss that she had sex with her married co-worker seemed a little odd. I wish she had Lucas, Carly or Bobbie to confide in instead.

Screenshot 2015-07-08 19.32.04The writers have decided to take things in an unlikely direction by having Dante be the one to break his vows (be honest, we all thought it would be Lulu who strayed). It’s a bit confusing though as to why he chose to react the way he did to Lulu’s lies. Many would argue that Dante isn’t the type of man who would cheat. That this is out of character for him in fact. I’m inclined to agree, but I feel like at the same time it doesn’t necessarily make sense to hold Dante to that higher standard. There seems to be more to what’s going on with Dante then what we’ve been shown.

Let’s look at what we do know about what Dante has been dealing with recently – his family. Olivia is faking her baby’s death in order to keep yet another child away from a mobster baby daddy. Morgan drugged Michael, putting Dante in the position of having to arrest him. Sonny’s on the wrong side of the law and morally bankrupt. Doing the right thing all the time can be hard when everyone around you makes the wrong thing look so easy. The one stable thing in Dante’s life seemed to be the family he created with Lulu and Rocco.

We’ve been seeing a lot of Lulu and Dante doing their own thing lately, wrapped up in the craziness of their own sides of the family. Maybe this put more of a strain on things for them than anyone realized. The fallout from what Dante did could go a lot of ways. Maybe Lulu and Dante will seek out counseling to try to mend things. Maybe Lulu will run into Dillon’s arms. Maybe Val will go all Lisa Niles. Maybe Lulu and Dante’s marriage is ruined and they’ll have a nasty battle for Rocco.

Right now, I don’t want Lulu to forgive Dante. Lulu felt very safe with Dante, like he was her rock. She could trust him. That’s gone now.

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