‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Week In Review:  Aly Plays Nice, The Avant’s Steal The Show


This week’s The Bold and the Beautiful definitely saw it highs and lows as the battle for Liam’s attention waged on, Aly’s mental state worsened and the Avant’s took center stage.

Pick A Lane

Continuing the Fourth of July festivities, Steffy decided to surprise her fence riding ex-husband with a romantic couples massage and stroll down memory lane… much to the chagrin of Ivy and Wyatt. There is no disputing the chemistry between Steffy and Liam but this is a road we have been down so many times now that as much as I may want Steam 4.0, I’d be perfectly fine with it not happening. Luckily for Steffy, she has chemistry with just about everyone. Personally, I would love for her to cha cha cha Carter’s way, but I digress. This storyline has left me a bit confused. I don’t really understand if Liam is dating both Ivy and Steffy at the same time, if they are ok with this or what. Neither one of them seems to making any ultimatums for Liam, which is historically the only way to get him to commit to one thing or the other. Liam was quick to annual his marriage to Ivy and quick to profess his love for Steffy, but not quick to cut the Aussie loose. Wyatt noticed this as well and confronted his brother about his indifference.  Scott Clifton said recently in an interview that Liam knows full well that he wants to be with Steffy but is just afraid of hurting Ivy’s feelings. There is nothing I hate more than being told the motivations behind a storyline instead of actually seeing it on screen. Right now these four characters feel stuck and I feel bored. I am also none too happy about Katie randomly being used to prop any side of this story because she hasn’t had one of her own in over a year.

You’ll Be Seeing A New Side To Me

Another day, another meeting, another Aly meltdown. Seriously, I don’t care what her last name is, please stop inviting her to these meetings. Once again, Aly lashed out at just about everyone for their impurity and forcing it on the Forrester brand. You know, because it’s been such a beacon of wholesome family values for the past few decades. I said last week that unless this was going to be a true mental health storyline, that I had no use for it and that’s exactly what it seems to be as we got a look into Aly’s private delusions. Not only is she still talking to her dead mother, she’s also taken up art and crafts by way of psychotic vision boards and paper dolls. Convinced the only way she would be able to make everyone take her seriously, Aly devised a bit of a plan. Play along. Make them think they are safe. Then execute. If I were a betting woman, I would say this won’t end well for Aly or for anyone in her path.

I Will Have To Be Enough

I have been anticipating the arrivals of Mom and Pop Avant since the moment the casting was announced, and so far they have been everything I wanted and more. First with Vivienne Avant. After Fridays cliff hanger, I thought she was going to be cold, unapproachable and hateful towards Maya, but halfway through Monday’s scenes it was clear that she was just merely confused and though unaware of how to love Maya, clearly did. She let Nicole know she was there to take her home on her father orders But Nicole refused to leave and Maya refused to let her.

Thinking that was the end of it after their mother left, the Avant sisters went back to business as usual. Maya with the California Freedom line and talking out her parental issues with Rick and BFF Nick while Nicole was fending off an apologetic Wyatt. This scene served two purposes. It brought much needed closure to the brief yet manipulative friendship between the two. It also succeeded in making new potential beau Zende a little jealous. The cuteness that ensues when these two kids are in the same room is just too much for me to handle. I think I even giggled like a teenager at one point. But before Nicole could thoroughly enjoy her blossoming life, she received a call from her mother, still in town, to meet her for lunch.

Upon arriving she also found her father Julius was there as reinforcements. He wasted no time demanding that Nicole come home and she made it crystal clear she wasn’t going to abandon Maya the way they had. This scene at the restaurant between these three amazing actors was such a joy to watch. The dialogue was so amazing that at times it didn’t even feel like scripted TV. It felt like a family having a very real, very relevant conversation. Especially when Julius admitted he was looking for work again after having a string of bad luck. Nicole stood her ground and defended her sister from all of their father’s insults and slurs. I cannot say enough about the talent that is Reign Edwards. In just a few months, she has become my favorite younger actress on any show as she continues to shine alongside seasoned veterans.

Hoping to open Julius’ eyes to all Maya has accomplished, Vivienne talked her husband into going to the Forrester mansion to see for himself. What he saw was a portrait of the child he threw away who a few minutes later stood in front of him. I, like much of the audience, held my breath for what he was going to do next. Imagine my shock when he greeted the child he had just called a freak minutes early with a hug. So is he genuine? Or does he see dollar signs?

This week, Nicole and Zende continue to bond, Aly grows more upset and the California Freedom Fashion Show gets underway!

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