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‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Week In Review: Liam Makes His Choice And Freedom Hits The Runway


As always, the past week of The Bold and the Beautiful featured all the romance and high fashion we’ve come to expect for the serial drama. Not even a Presidential pre-emption could slow down the momentum of daytime’s most glamorous show as a star studded fashion show got underway.

Your Personal Tragedy

Monday’s show picked up where Friday’s Avant cliffhanger left off. I along with the rest of the audience was eager to see if Julius hugging Maya was some kind of fluke. Halfway through the show, it seemed like it was. Sure that her father was there to shame her like always, Maya stood firm and defended herself before she even had too. Julius took a few cheap shots that seemed totally uncalled for and low-key cruel. Like reminding Maya that she will never be a biological parent, throwing her prison stint in her face, and blaming her for his misfortune, even at one point telling her that he tells people back home that his son is dead. I was ready for Maya to throw him out at the first commercial break, but she didn’t. Instead, she gave it back to him just as much as he gave to her. Finally telling him there was no place in her life for him if he couldn’t accept her as she was. He didn’t seem too open to the idea and he and Vivienne went to leave for the airport. But on the drop of a dime he turned around and told his daughter exactly what she wanted to hear. That he would at least try to accept and get to know her as “Maya.” The look on Vivienne’s face at this sudden light switch moment was pretty much mine as well.

Meanwhile back at Forrester, Nicole was going over the events of her lunch with her parents to Rick and later Zende. There was quite the interesting moment between the young interns when Zende learned Nicole wasn’t going to do as her parents said. After looking like a sad puppy at the thought of Nicole leaving, Zende was quick to say that yet and still, she should because they are her parents. He also confessed that he has never disobeyed his parents for any reason. Nicole was taken aback by that admission, but it made sense to me. Like Zende said, Kristen and Tony saved his life from that orphanage. I’m sure he felt like the least he could do was be the perfect son. I think the writers could have gone a step further and said that there was some fear from Zende that had he disobeyed them, they wouldn’t want him anymore. Classic adoptive child fear.

After some busy work and cuteness with Zende, Nicole headed home and found Maya still in shock from their bbcapfather’s sudden about face. Not convinced, and for good reason, Nicole went to confront their father about his motives. Julius didn’t admit to any wrongdoing, per se, but he didn’t say anything that would have eased Nicole’s suspicions. Instead he high tailed it back to the Forrester mansion to give Rick the third degree about his interest in Maya. Moreover, how a straight man could be in love with a transgendered woman. This was THE scene and dialogue that had been missing from this storyline. I am so impressed with Bradley Bell & Co for having the audacity to attack this storyline from every angle. Rick made it very clear to Julius that his love for Maya was genuine and wasn’t going to change but instead only grow stronger. Talk about swoon!

Inevitable Certainty

Also happening in the land of Forrester was the perpetration for California Freedom’s first fashion show. In yet another meeting where Aly should not have been allowed, the team decided to push the envelope by featuring transgendered models. You could almost see Aly’s red hair ignite into flames. But still keeping the façade that she was on board, she assured them that she was a team player. She then went home to talk to her ghost mama and her voodoo board. With Aly’s constant scowl out of the office, the rest of the team got down to work. Even getting along. Ridge with Maya, Liam with all the women in his life. Speaking of, there was also a very random and very annoying scene with Katie and Bill propping Liam’s inability to make a decision. I am enjoying so much of the show that I am trying not to let the fact that five time Emmy award winning Heather Tom has been reduced to a filler get to me. I am really trying.

Finally, the big day. Oh how I have always loved B&B’s fashion shows. Always so glamourous, so real. I remember when their sister show tried to do one last year. It was quite comical, but I digress. During the back stage chaos, Liam whisked Steffy off to the sky lounge to tell her that he chose her. The chemistry between Scott Clifton and Jacqueline steamcapMacinnes Wood remains as palpable as it ever has but at this point do we really care? Liam has made these kinds of declarations at least once a year and with a different leading lady each time. Back inside, poor lost puppy Ivy did all she could to stay busy, Aly sulked around in her self-delusions, the Avant’s arrived to support their daughter (and meet their future son in law), Quinn frowned at Deacon and Brooke speaking (yes, we are going there again), and $Bill sent his lackey around to scout out a new salacious story as if he hadn’t already done enough damage. Surprisingly missing was Forrester patriarch, Eric.

After a short speech from the company’s president and lead model, the show began. I don’t claim to know much about couture gowns, but all of the looks were gorgeous to me and transgendered models Isis King and Carmen Carrera looked stunning wearing them. But the showstopper as always was the top model herself. Maya looked so exquisite that even once time foe, Caroline gasped. Maya hit the runway and the entire place lit up. With her sister and mother beaming from ear to ear in the audience, Maya strutted her stuff to and fro with her head held higher than it had ever been before. Finally Julius was seeing just what Maya had made of herself without him. Judging by facial expressions, he didn’t seem to be too thrilled but what he lacked in adoration, Maya’s beau Rick make up for tenfold as he reveled in his loves moment in the spotlight as her true self.

This week, Ivy makes a shocking discovery, Zende encourages Nicole, someone pops the question, and Thorne returns just in time.

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