‘Days of our Lives’ Week In Review: Patch and Serial Killers Return to Salem

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Squealing in 60 Seconds

In a recent interview, Stephen Nichols spoke on playing the aging bad boy on screen and how Steve “Patch” Johnson has had to evolve as a character because of that. Gone are the days where Steve is taking down racially motivated church bombings in the south or hunting down sunken keys, here are the days where none of that bad boy swagger is necessarily gone just toned down.

Kayla is stunned when Steve makes an unexpected return to Salem! Image credit © Howard Wise/

Kayla is stunned when Steve makes an unexpected return to Salem! Image credit © Howard Wise/

Before Steve’s arrival, we see Kayla Brady panicking in Salem University Hospital, on the phone with Joey’s school who’s informed her that her son was nowhere to be found. It was refreshing to see Kayla’s spunk come back to life as she tore into the rep on the phone, demanding to know where he son is – just as the newly pubescent Joey strolls sullenly into the hospital. Kayla only really has a split second to rejoice, hugging her son when his father follows right behind him with a smooth, “Hello sweetness. It’s been a while, huh?”

Now cue all the squeals. Six long years have gone by since Patch was last in Salem, in that time his daughter Stephanie just vanished and his toddler son was suddenly old enough for a private high school in Ohio – oh, and Kayla did a lot of things off-screen and a lot of nothing on screen. So in all reality, he didn’t miss too much. Maybe that’s why even after being on screen for only a few seconds, Steve melded right back into the canvas as if he’d never left. Not saying that the rest of the week as bad, in fact it was far from that, DAYS had me riveted all week long but seeing how just a seconds long scene was enough to get most viewers begging for more is a testament to these new writers. They are bringing back exactly what the viewers have wanted and that’s not just familiar faces, anyone on any soap can write a return of an old favorite; we’ve all seen it done well elsewhere and poorly elsewhere. The new writers have brought back story to our stories in such a short amount of time. Most of us watching DAYS are longtime fans, so we’ve seen Steve run about town for decades now with guns blazing both literally and figuratively yet somehow seeing him sulk back home with his son in tow, wanting to bridge the gap between him and his ex-wife, was just as thrilling. I honestly cannot wait to see where this return (and debut for Joey) will take us.

This coming week on Days of Our Lives, John and Marlena begin to reconnect over their shared past, Aiden proposes to Hope but has an ulterior motive, Justin becomes Salem’s new district attorney and Kayla’s son Joey has a temper! For a look at more of what’s ahead, check out our Days of our Lives spoilers!

As always, feel free to comment down below or tweet me if there was something I missed this week that you can’t not talk about or if you agree or disagree with me on other points. Your input is what makes this all the most fun. See you next week!

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