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‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: #AMor Is Guilty Of Something, Hayden Wakes Up


The plot thickened for General Hospital’s two big mysteries this week. Some names were crossed of the list of possible suspects for Silas’ murder while others continued to look more guilty. Meanwhile across town, Laura decided to keep mum regarding Jake’s true identity in order to protect Nik but an awakened Hayden may prove problematic to Nik and Liz’s plans.

I’m focusing on these two story lines but a lot happened this past week. Feel free to leave a comment about any story line even if I didn’t mention it and I’ll chat with you.

Murder She Wrote

This week managed to cut a few suspects off the list off possible culprits in Silas’ murder. Monday we learned that Nina found Silas already dead and pulled the knife out of his back. Worried that Nina would be suspect number one, Franco cleaned up the crime scene while Nina returned to Shadybrook. Unfortunately, Kiki came home before Franco could leave the premises and discovered Silas’ body. So that’s three people we can cross off the list. Meanwhile, lovers Ava and Morgan were acting mighty guilty.

Turns out Ava was at Silas’ apartment and knows a knife-wielding Nina was also there too. Franco thinks he has figured out that she is the killer but I’m not quite so sure. I think her guilt might be coming from somewhere else. Silas was someone she at one time loved very much, enough to have put him on an undeserving pedestal. I think his last words to her were painful but where they enough to push her to kill? I think she feels very guilt right now because she thinks Silas saving her life may have cost him his. I think she also feels guilty about the fact that instead of trying to help him and dialing 911 when she found he had been stabbed, she left him there. And she left him there because his death serves her well. Of course I’m no Sherlock so I could be wrong.

Right now I suspect that Morgan is the guilty party. Morgan is acting really fishy. This could be because he did the same thing that Ava did, fled the scene of a crime because it was in his best interest to do so. But I can’t help but wonder if there is more to it. I’ve seen some speculation that perhaps Morgan is bipolar. This is a story line that has been teased a little bit it the past. If this is the case, could Morgan have had a The Ghost and the Whale moment and just not be sure if he killed someone or not as a result of his disorder? That would be an interesting way to turn this mystery into something very character driven while adding some layers to the youngest Corinthos’ son.

Here’s a sneak peek at the possible ways Silas’ murder could have played out:


Sleeping Beauty Awakes

Hayden woke up from her coma with what appears to be some form of memory loss. She knows her name and thinks that Jake is her husband. She has no recollection of Jake’s true identity, Nik or her scheme with Ric. So it seems anyways. I’m remaining a little skeptical. I could see it turning out that Hayden is trying to pull a fast one. Either way I’m glad to see Hayden back to cause some trouble in Port Charles. Rebecca Budig’s feisty portrayal of this new character has already won me over.

Screenshot 2015-08-06 21.14.20Of course, Hayden may have a lot more to deal with than trying to remember her past. Her lover Nik tried to have her killed in order to keep her from spilling the truth about Jake and he knows she’s awake now. Budig just got a contract so it’s safe to say that Nik will not be finishing the job. I’m interested to see how the meeting between the former bedroom buddies goes on Monday.

I’m not sure if I’m in the minority or the majority but Dark Nik intrigues me. Or I should really say Dark Niz does. I was never really that gaga over the pairing of Nik and Liz until these two started misbehaving. I didn’t hate or dislike them together just never got all that excited about the couple. But seeing Nik transform into a Cassadine and Liz channel her inner bitch just makes me want these two to be the end game when all is revealed and the dust settles. I feel like while they are each other’s partner in crime right now, later they will become each other’s salvation. So I have my finger’s crossed for a gothic romance in their future. Hey when their friends and family turn on them (which they probably will), they’ll most likely only have each other to lean on anyways. A relationship of necessity could turn into something more.

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