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‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Week In Review: Caroline Gives Up Her Dream, Raya’s Wedding Kicks off


This week’s The Bold and the Beautiful served high emotion as dreams turned into nightmares for several of LA’s residents. Each one tested on just how much they’re willing to sacrifice for the people in their lives. Add in a little cuteness on the catwalk and an awkward exchange between future in-laws, and this was yet another stellar week from Bell and Co.

Letting Go Of An Idea

The week started with the continuation of the father/son battle of couture in the CEO office at Forrester Creations. Thomas was none too happy about daddy dearest ripping up first design and Ridge was none too happy at how content his heir apparent was with mediocrity. It was all very reminiscent of a younger Ridge seeking the approval of Eric way back when although Eric tended to show a little more tact. Frustrated by his father’s dismissal, Thomas huffed and puffed his way from the office and out to Venice Beach to vent his frustrations to Caroline. Their conversation took an interesting turn once Thomas offered to massage Caroline’s still injured ankles. Actually the conversation was the same, it was my personal focus that shifted. Thomas admitted how strange it was that Ridge was all the sudden not supportive of him, which I also think is a bit odd, and Caroline of course defended him. All the while I was watching with heart eyes at how natural their chemistry was together. And it was even more evident when reality morphed into fantasy and Thomas started kissing the legs he was just massaging. No lead to yes and I was on my couch screaming in delight. Their scenes were so hot that I wasn’t even upset that it was all in Thomas’ head since I now know it will be a reality sooner rather than later.

After his wet daydream, Thomas went to work out his frustration on a weight bench spotted by cousin Zende. Whoever decided to give me a scene of these two half naked and sweating, I would like to thank you. You’re the real CLrj9ufVEAAA2NKMVP. I don’t recall the dialogue and I’m sure you don’t either. Back in Venice, Caroline received an email from Rick’s attorney about the finalization of their divorce. That on top of her recent accident put Caroline in a reflecting mood. She started to tell Ridge about what she wanted out of life and number one on that list was to be a mother. She admitted that after almost losing her life, the thought of not being a mother terrified her more than she ever thought. She then asked Ridge if it was something he would ever consider. True to form, Ridge looked out for himself and the midlife bachelor crisis he’s going through and told her he doesn’t want to have any more children. Caroline looked devastated. I kind of felt for her but at the same time, I vividly remember Brooke warning her of this very thing months ago. Perhaps she should have listened then. Had she, she wouldn’t have had to sit there and let Ridge guilt trip her into seeing things his way. Instead she sucked it up and told him she would basically let go of her dreams to be a part of his. I don’t know what was worse, the fact that she’s willing to do that or that Ridge is willing to let her.

No Class Pauper

Less than a week after a funeral, it’s only right to throw a wedding, right? The Avant’s were back and preparing for the wedding of Maya and Rick. And there were plenty of pre-wedding festivities to go around. First stop was Nicole and Zende and cast DJ, Othello. In a random yet extremely cute scene, Nicole displayed her modeling abilities on the catwalk again to the beat of Othello’s making. What she was doing isn’t exactly modeling, but we’ll go with it. Things got a lot more interesting when Zende joined Nicole on stage. Othello saw the same sparks we’ve been raving about and slowed things down before leaving the two lovebirds to slow dance under a disco ball. I love the slow build of these characters. They’ve been together without actually being together for almost two months and it’s been the most effortless relationship cultivated on this show in a long time. The two later joined the rest of the gang at the Forrester mansion for Maya and Rick’s rehearsal dinner. Among all the happy guests, Julius definitely stood out. The second he arrived he was condescending, judgmental and just generally miserable. The only time he seemed to give any glimpse of contentment was when speaking of the Forrester’s riches and how he may benefit from them.

I don’t entirely understand the purpose of Julius giving Eric the golf club other than to make me laugh hysterically. I guess maybe to get on his good side. Either way, it backfired when Eric told him he didn’t play golf. The more champagne Julius had, the more things kept backfiring. So much so that just about every guest in attendance wasCL0uK5mW8AEQ4F3 giving him the side eye. Maya finally confronted her father about the permanent scowl on his face who basically told her that his being that was proof he was trying. Maya accepted it at that and moved ahead with her big day. Among the guests was Rick’s twin sister Bridget. I knew she was going to be there but that didn’t stop me from squealing when I saw her. Who do I need to beg for her to stay and meet Carter? Another surprise guest was Bill Spencer. The second he walked through the door, Rick was telling him to turn right around and leave. Katie, who might I add was a complete knockout in red, urged her husband to follow through with the apology he was there to offer. The scene between Maya and the man who outted her in the most demeaning way possible was nothing short of outstanding. The strength and perseverance that Maya has continues to blow me away. Thinking that was the worst of it, Maya was ready to take her stroll down the aisle and marry the man she loved. But before she could make it, she overheard the man who raised her then threw her away admit to the show he was putting on for her benefit. Maya’s beautiful face was washed over with hurt and anguish as her father’s hateful words twisted the knife in her back. Will she be able to put on a brave face and let her Julius walk her down the aisle?

This week Rick and Maya’s wedding continues, Steffy confides in Thomas, and Ivy angles for a new position at Forrester.

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