General Hospital Spoilers: August 17, 2015 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Ava asks Julian for help, Molly worries about TJ, Sonny and Carly fret over Morgan, Brad explains things to Lucas. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of August 17, 2015.

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Jerome If You Want To

Julian tries to convince a skeptical Alexis that he’s left his criminal lifestyle behind. Meanwhile, Olivia brings Dante and Lulu up to date regarding the baby. Will Olivia fess up to Julian after she learns he’s left the mob behind? Later, Olivia and Sonny share their suspicions over Julian.

Meanwhile, Ava is forced to tell Julian the truth after he witnesses a confrontation between Obrecht and her. In need of help, Ava turns to her brother. Will Scott disclose the truth about Ava?

Mobsters and Sons

The recent mob violence in Port Charles leads Jordan to question Sonny. TJ shares important information with Sonny and Carly. Meanwhile, Molly worries about her boyfriends new living arrangements.

Sonny and Carly continue to have growing concerns about Morgan leading Carly to seek Michael’s opinion. Later, Sabrina and Michael discuss the Corinthos family’s history with bipolar disorder. Will Carly and Madeline find a shoulder to lean on when they discuss their children’s problems?

Also this week:

Nina offers to sacrifice herself for Franco. Later amidst Madeline’s scheming, Nina has a revelation. Nina confides in Nathan while her brother makes an important discovery.

  • Elizabeth continues to confide in Nikolas in order to protect their secret.
  • Brad explains his past to Lucas.
  • Lucas struggles to come to terms with Brad’s past.
  • Valerie and Maxie establish common ground.
  • Dillon and Lulu discuss their respective futures.
  • Olivia continues to fret about revealing the truth about her baby.

Source Sneak Peek: August 24

Franco helps Nina reclaim her sense of sanity. Paul and Tracy bond over their love for Dillon. Julian surprises Alexis with the truth. Will Ava’s cover be blown?