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‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Week In Review: The Avants Put On A Clinic, Ivy Seeks Compensation


What a week it was in La La land! First the wedding we’ve all been waiting for takes a turn into Emmy submission territory. Then an otherwise moral character turns tragedy into career advancement. Also I ask the riddle, exactly how many Emmy’s does it take to get a storyline?

Own Your Day

There are a number of things a bride does not want to hear on her wedding day. Her father calling her a freak might be at the very top of that list. Overcome with pain at Julius’ words, Maya ran to hide from her guests and sob uncontrollably (special shout out to the waterproof eye makeup).  Worried about the delay, Nicole went to check on her sister to get the show started. What she found was an emotionally drained and betrayed bride to be. Maya told Nicole about their fathers’ venomous words, which came as no surprise to Nicole who has been suspicious of Julius’ sudden turnabout from the very beginning. Unsure she would be able to let her father walk her down the aisle, Maya received some much needed sisterly support and advice. I adore Nicole and Maya’s relationship so much. After the initial bumpy start, they have blossomed into one of my favorite siblings on the show. Nicole told her sister to wipe her tears, lift her head up high and march down those stares and to her groom. Anything to do with their father could wait until after her moment. And Maya did just that. With her mother on the other side, he let the man who had just called her a freak show take her by the arm and lead her down the aisle. She and Rick stood face to face ready to make it official as Nick spoke about family love and support. With every word he spoke, you could see Maya becoming more and more uneasy. Clear that she wouldn’t be able to continue in her father presence, Maya stopped the ceremony and confronted her father. What happened next was quite possibly the best scene on any soap this year.

Maya let Julius and all of the guests know that she overheard his hurtful words and called him out on it. I’ve have CMITz58WoAAN0bMwatched this scene no less than 5 times and I am still unable to put into words what brilliance it really possessed. A father grieving the loss of the son he had so many hopes and dreams for and a daughter who just wanted him to accept her as she was. The back and forth between Karla Mosley and Obba Babatundé was like watching the finals of Wimbledon. Maya’s pain, Julius’ disgrace. It was damn near Shakespearean. The dispute also brought forth some much needed back story to Maya’s upbringing and Julius’ values. We learned that Maya’s name sake Myron Avant disowned Julius because of Maya’s transition. We also learned more about Vivienne and her vow to honor and obey her husband even when she knew he was wrong. When Julius was asked to leave, Vivienne opted to stay and support the child she let him cast away so many years ago. Once he was gone, Vivienne apologized to her daughter and the wedding commenced. After 3 years filled with every twist and turn imaginable, Maya Avant finally became what she always knew she would; The next Forrester Matriarch.

Next Face Of Forrester

During the epicness that was Raya’s wedding, there was some less interesting happenings among those not fortunate enough to be invited. Steffy was at the office still guilt stricken over her involvement in Aly’s death. So much so that she had to talk to someone about it. Enter big brother Thomas. Steffy told him that her memory of the night was finally clear and that Aly didn’t just fall and hit her head. Steffy hit her with a tire iron. For some reason she still seems to be blocking out the fact that Aly was about to bash her head in with a rock, but ok. Thomas instructed his sister to keep her mouth shut about what she remembered and that he would handle Ivy and her incessant accusations. And he attempted to do just that. He told his cousin to back off and leave Steffy alone. Ivy responded by showing him her video proof. You know, they one she opted to take instead of getting out of the car to calm the situation. Anyway, Ivy had a bit of an epiphany the next day about the evidence she was covering up. She decided that she should be rewarded for her silence. That the Forrester’s owed her. That she should be compensated for not sending Steffy to jail and sending the company into a tailspin of media backlash causing sales and stocks to plummet. In case you forgot, this is also Ivy’s family we’re talking about. And the best way for her family to reward her for not ruining the company was… to make her a model.

Sure she tried to spin it to say that she would be able to control the image of the brand if she was leading it next to Maya, but even as a model she would still have little say over such things. Her job would be to stand there and takeCMUv_-hWIAA9QL9 pictures. I suppose there would be the occasional interview, but who would clamor to Ivy over Maya when she is the entire inspiration behind the line? Ivy clearly didn’t think this through before making her demands clear to Thomas. Make her the new face of Forrester or Steffy goes to jail. The whole thing was extremely chuckle worthy to me. But it was no laughing matter when Ivy pushed her case to Ridge in an executive meeting later that day. Backed up by her new protector in Wyatt, Ivy gave all the reasons why she should be lead model over Steffy. All of the reasons were stupid, but that didn’t stop them from trying. Ridge and Steffy were about to write them off until Thomas chimed in to agree with the shift in direction. The look on Steffy’s face was one of hurt and betrayal. Ridge and Caroline also looked shocked. Liam looked out of place. And Zende and Nicole were off in the corner looking like they wished they had popcorn. Ridge said he would think about it before the meeting ended and everyone scattered to their respective corners. Livid over what she perceived as disloyalty, Steffy confronted Thomas for wanting to promote Ivy when she wanted to fire her instead Thomas told his sister in no uncertain terms that he was living up to his promise. To protect her at all costs.

Greek Choir

There is no reason to recap the randomly out a place scene with Bill and Katie from Friday’s episode. I just wanted to take this moment and say how extremely impatient I am becoming with how these characters have been diminished and demoted to nothing but talking about other people’s problems. You would think it would be easy to find something of substance for a five time Emmy winner to do but I guess not. I wasn’t a fan of how quickly they put Bill and Katie back together after her relationship with Ridge came undone like the string on her finger, but I see now that it was done to leave no loose ends when they were relegated to the back burner. I feel this same way about Quinn, Deacon and yes even Brooke. But even their story is about to notch up a bit. So why not Bill and Katie? Have they lost their appeal? Are the writers unsure of what to do with them? Are they concerned they can’t top the epic affair reveal of 2013? What is it? No matter how amazing this show continues to be on a daily basis, its inability to remain balanced is becoming apparently obvious.

This week, Lt. Baker has some questions for Steffy, Ivy ensures Wyatt’s loyalty and Thomas struggles with forbidden desires.

Performer of the Week:  Obba Babatundé

Line of the Week: “You can’t give away something you’ve already thrown away” –Maya


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