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‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Silas Haunts Ava, Nina Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands, Rosalie’s Secret Is Revealed


The last week of General Hospital was one of those weeks that when it ended I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. It had some good moments but maybe just not enough to balance it from the dull and predictable. Plus as a friend of mine put it “I think all the off-screen drama kind of overshadowed the on-screen drama.” Hopefully that will change soon.

As always, I wasn’t able to write about everything that happened this week. If there is something I didn’t mention that you would like to share your thoughts on, please leave a comment below and I’ll chat with you.

Ghost Silas

Ghost Silas was actually one of the high points this week. Of course he has ceased to be Silas and is now Ava’s subconscious. The character of Silas lost me very early on so I was more relieved than upset when he got stabbed in the back. I know a lot of fans will probably be mad at me for saying this but I personally think what really killed Silas was his pairing with Sam. I recently reread the summer evaluation that TVSource Magazine did a few years back when the character of Silas was still fairly new to the canvas. I actually didn’t have much issue with Silas at the time and was intrigued by his hinted past with Ava. Had the powers that be elected to explore that more right off the bat, I may have even liked the character. But the choice was made to focus on Caleb and Livvie Part Three and Silas’ interaction with Ava became mostly nonexistent unless he was scolding her evilness. When GH finally got around to exploring them as a potential romantic pairing, I was just annoyed and didn’t want it to happen.

Michael Easton has a large fanbase and his exit has brought with it a lot discussion on what could have been. Easton did a very nice interview with Michael Fairman in which he discussed Silas and his story line. What I took away from the interview was that the character failed due to a lack of collaboration between actor and writers. I’m sure his fans will see him turn up in a new role on another show very soon.

The scenes of mourning and guilt that we are now getting in regards to Silas are good despite lacking the impact they coulda, woulda, shoulda had. I said in my last Week In Review that I felt that Ava’s guilty subconscious was a result of something other than actually murdering Silas and, for me anyways, the scenes between Ava and Silas’ ghost proved that even more. The ghost never called her out for murdering Silas but didn’t miss a beat when chastising her amoral behavior with their daughter’s boyfriend and pointing out the fact that she left him bleeding on the floor.

I also liked Kiki this week. I felt that Kiki was actually given some intelligence finally. Hayley Erin has been a bit hard to get used to as Kiki and I think that mostly has to do with the writing. Her very first story line as Kiki was the horrid drugging Michael stuff and she really hasn’t been given much to do other than being clueless about Morgan and Denise. This week though she showed she has some intuition. Franco killing Silas just doesn’t add up to her and she’s questioning things. I hope the writing for Kiki continues along this path.

Ava vs. Nina

This week Nina decided to take matters into her own hands and confront Ava. Ava not only had an affair with Silas years ago but now she’s continuing to wreck havoc on Nina’s love life by blackmailing Franco. I’m glad that Nina wasn’t going to just sit around and wait to be rescued.

The rivalry between Nina and Ava is a fun one to watch. Both characters are likable and I can understand why each hates the other. Ava got to have Silas’ baby and Nina got to stay married to Silas. Neither woman actually came out the winner in the end because they both wanted it all. Neither truly lets up on their hatred of the other and both ladies are dangerous as heck. Maura West and Michelle Stafford play all this together so well.

This particular time I found myself rooting for Nina more than Ava. Ava has gotten herself into a predicament where I think both Ava and the audience are getting pushed to the point where all needs to be exposed. She’s done some very terrible things recently and, even though she does seem to feel guilty, nothing is really stopping her from continuing on her downward path. Right now Ava is very much looking out for Ava. Nina is putting herself first too but she’s also trying to save Franco who has taken the fall for Silas’ murder in order to protect her. I am a sucker for love winning.

Here’s the clip of the showdown:

Jenn Bishop
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