‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Week In Review: Shifting Loyalties and No Turning Back

Pictured: Pierson Fode, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Don Martin; Photo Credit: © sean smith/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 7144 U.S.Airdate 08/17/15

The Bold and the Beautiful took an interesting turn this week as the investigation into Aly’s death ramped up, secrets were divulged and accusations were exchanged. Also I ask the question — how does leverage work if everyone and their mother finds out about it?

Week in Review for The Bold and the Beautiful episodes airing August 17-21, 2015

I Wasn’t Expecting That

After the Great Model debate in the CEO office was concluded, Wyatt and Ivy went to go pat themselves on the back while Thomas let Steffy know about the increasingly annoying video. I tell ya, if I took a shot for every time the word video was said this week, I would be too inebriated to write this. Anyway, Ivy made her way to Aly’s old bedroom to… I don’t know, ransack for keepsakes. Hopefully she got Thorne’s ok before doing that. While she was gone, Steffy made a beeline for Wyatt. They had quite an interesting confrontation. I wasn’t completely on board with the potential of them being a couple a few months ago, but I do dig their dynamic together on screen. Steffy pretty much called Wyatt out on still being bitter than she chose Liam over him as if she had ever led him to believe otherwise. All of their romantic interactions were initiated by Wyatt as far as I remember and Steffy never made him any promises. It wasn’t like she was Hope or anything. She also pleaded her self-defense case again and asked that he delete the video for the benefit of everyone involved. It didn’t take much coaxing before Wyatt came around to seeing it Steffy’s way. After securing Wyatt’s allegiance, Steffy walked into an impromptu interrogation lead by Lt Baker in between hot dogs. When was the last time we even saw Baker? Regardless, Steffy stuck to the original story that Aly just slipped and fell on a rock. Lt Baker didn’t seem to buy it but he left them at their word for the time being. After returning to the beach house, Wyatt attempted to do exactly what Steffy asked but Ivy caught him before he could. She accused him of taking Steffy’s side over hers because all Spencer men do.

Pictured: Ashleigh Brewer, Scott Clifton; Photo Credit: © sean smith/ | Episode # 7145 | U.S.Airdate 08/18/15

Pictured: Ashleigh Brewer, Scott Clifton; Photo Credit: © sean smith/ | Episode # 7145  U.S.Airdate 08/18/15

The more she shrieked, the more annoyed I became. Mainly because underneath all of her supposed outrage and vengeance over her friend’s death there is nothing more than jealousy and bitterness by a jilted ex. For every one time Ivy mentions Aly, she mentions how Steffy always gets everything including Liam. So why not just say that? I would respect her more if she wasn’t denying the fact that her motivation is at least 83.6% revenge over Liam leaving her. Instead, Ivy uses her body to keep Wyatt loyal to her and then has the gull to shame Steffy for what she perceives as her own promiscuity.

This storyline is dripping in so much hypocrisy and gray areas that its honestly hard for me to watch. Which is sad since I normally like 3 of the 4 characters. After Ivy and Wyatt made it official, Steffy went to verify that he did as she asked him. While she was facing the fact that the video still existed, Liam ran into Ivy at Forrester who confirmed everything I just accused her of earlier in this paragraph. I get that it’s hard to be friends with an ex who dumped you at your cousins funeral, but Liam had barely even said hello to the girl before she started screeching at him about something that he didn’t even know about. After realizing her error, she told Liam to ask Steffy about what really happened with Aly. Which he did. Steffy finally came clean to Liam about everything from what she remembered to the video to the blackmail. Always the protector, Liam went to see it for himself. After which Liam came back to Steffy and told her that it didn’t look good for her but that they would do everything they could to prevent it from getting out.

I Don’t Trust People

Bold and the Beautiful - Thomas and Caroline

Pictured: Pierson Fode, Linsey Godfrey; Photo Credit: © sean smith/ | Episode # 7147 U.S. Airdate 08/20/15

Among all this subtle commotion, there was very little actual work being done at the design table. Ridge’s thoughts were on whatever it was he felt Steffy and Thomas were hiding from him and Caroline’s thoughts were on the baby she would likely never have. After getting nowhere fast, Ridge left for a meeting leaving Thomas and Caroline alone to talk. Sensing that Ridge was right and that Thomas was hiding something about Steffy, Caroline pressed the issue further. Thomas held strong at first but clearly needed to get it off his chest. He warned Caroline that once he told her, there was no going back and that she had to keep it between them. After she reluctantly agreed, Thomas spilled his guts about Ivy’s video and blackmail.

In case you’re counting at home, that now makes 6 people who all work at the same place who know about this damn video. This has to be the worst kept secret ever. I don’t think blackmail works very well if everyone knows about it, but I digress. Thomas then pressed Caroline to be honest with him in return about whether or not she was happy in her relationship with Ridge. Without having to actually say it, Thomas assumed that subject of children was the one thing coming between them. Caroline didn’t deny it. She just simply implied that like so many women before her, she could be the one to change Ridge Forrester.

Katie and Ridge Discuss His Future

Photo courtesy CBS

Last week I mentioned my annoyance with not seeing enough of Bill and Katie. My annoyance was somewhat lifted this week by an appearance by my favorite Logan over a spontaneous lunch date with her ex-fiancé. I was once a huge “Kridge” fan so these scenes were extremely welcomed as they did nothing really other than talk and catch up on each other’s lives. There is still such a spark between Heather tom and Thorsten Kaye. I don’t necessarily need Kridge Pt2 or anything, but at least it would give Katie a story to play out instead of this dayplayer roll they have her in currently. Something that was very interesting to me is that Katie called Ridge out on being ready to be a father figure to Will when they were together but not being willing to have his own child with Caroline. His only real response to that was that he didn’t want to start over. In other words, he liked his bachelor, free as a bird, candle in the wind life style on Venice Beach a little too much to trade it in for dirty diapers. You almost can’t blame him. But you know how the saying goes; what you want do, someone else will.

This week, Ivy continues her vendetta, Thomas works Caroline and Raya return from their honeymoon

Performer of the Week:  Pierson Fodé (Thomas)

Line of the Week: “Watching you eat is pretty entertaining. It takes you an hour to eat a salad. It’s very suspenseful”–Ridge to Katie

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