‘Winterthorne’ Premieres First Episode

This week the first episode of the highly anticipated web series Winterthorne premiered. The series is created by Daytime Emmy Nominee Michael Caruso, directed by Daytime Emmy Winner Sonia Blangiardo and stars Days of our Lives’ Martha Madison in the lead role role of Miranda Winterthorne. Winterthorne tells the tale of the Winterthorne family and the twisted secrets behind their candy empire.

“There are secrets deep in the forests. I come from a family born of these secrets. There is a substance that women in our family has been killing each other over for generations. The very thing our family is named after, I’ve built an empire with it. This is Winterthorne.”

The series’ all star cast includes Michael Caruso (DeVanity), Kirsten Storms (General Hospital), John Paul Lavoisier (One Live to Live, Beacon Hill), Linda Grey (Dallas, The Bold and the Beautiful), Gordon Thomson (Dynasty, Santa Barbara, DeVanity), Kevin Spirtas (One Live to Live, Days of our Lives), Kathleen Gati (General Hospital).

The first episode can be watched at winterthorne.com.