‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Ava Goes Free, Kristina Returns and Sonny Doesn’t Die

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Father Figure

Dante had a very interesting week as his guilty conscious continued to plague him. Unlike his oblivious father, Dante is very aware of the mistake he has made and what it will cost him. On Monday’s episode, Dante let Sonny have it and spilt some true tea about the teflon don’s poor choices as a father and a man. Dante’s conversation with an unconscious Sonny was more real than any other one that has been foisted upon us recently. He didn’t pretend that Sonny was a good guy victimized by haters. He let his father know his disgust at his continued violent behavior and not placing his family first.

Apparently Sonny isn’t as tough as we’re suppose to believe because the criticism made Sonny flatline. No really. Someone told Sonny he wasn’t a saint and it almost killed him. I’m not sure exactly what GH was trying to say but I personally found it a little meta. The character of Sonny needs some major work done and that means taking some criticism very seriously. Sonny has become an unfair stereotype. Having money, power, sleeping with a ton of beautiful women, carrying a gun and getting into fights are stuff we associate with our male action heroes but none of that contains any real substance. What about caring for loved ones? How about achieving ambitions through hard work and perseverance? Or being able to take criticism with stride and maturity while learning from ones mistakes? Sonny doesn’t really embody any characteristics of the everyday man.

Michael (Chad Duell) finds his 2004 mob loving self. Photo Credit: © Howard Wise/

Michael (Chad Duell) finds his 2004 mob loving self. Photo Credit: © Howard Wise/

My purpose for saying all this isn’t to administer a bunch of swift kicks below the belt. It is to amplify the importance of what Dante said to his father. If Sonny had put being a protector for his family before money and greed, those close to him as well as himself would not be in constant pain and danger. Now I don’t believe Sonny wants his family to ever suffer. But he isn’t willing to put in the work and attention needed to prevent that. Safety is an after thought; his criminal line of business is not. Dante was right in telling Sonny that he needs to man up and Dante needs to do the same.

Dante is everyone’s rock. Or he was. I think a lot of the anger that Dante unleashed on Sonny, though very warranted, was meant for himself. I do think he wished that Sonny would be a better example for him and his siblings so that they don’t make the same mistakes that he does.

Right now the Corinthos boys are all behaving very Sonny-like and none of the results are good. Dante has let his family down by using sex to deal with his insecurities as a husband and father. Now he feels awful and his situation could possibly get more complicated if Val’s pregnant. Michael is ordering around thugs and brushing off murder as if it’s 2004 again. Morgan’s ‘bi-polar’ is in full control of his faculties and is leading him to attempt murder.

I think if written well, the Corinthos brothers’ struggles with claiming their individual identities despite their father’s misguidance could be powerful stuff. All the pieces are there for heavy character driven family drama. It’s all about how it’s executed.

Temperature Check

The romance level on GH this week was fairly solid minus a few grips. Romantic stakes where present in the week’s stories. With Sonny and Carly’s wedding interrupted by a bullet to the chest and with their family in turmoil, what does this mean for the tortured couple’s future?

If Paul has a hidden agenda, can his budding romance with Tracy be trusted or will the Quartermaine Queen once again be unlucky in love? Julian and Alexis are still going strong but will love be enough to save them from impending danger? When/If Dante’s affair with Valerie is exposed, will his marriage to Lulu be lost or will the young super couple in training be able to overcome it? Will Sam accept Patrick’s marriage proposal and what happens when everyone discovers that Sam isn’t a widow after all? Thanks to Nina and Franco’s team effort, Nina and Ric are no longer married and she is yet again a woman of independent means. Will they take their relationship to the next level? Did they? We won’t know for a few week’s because after the Hepburn/Grant style shenanigans on Monday there was no follow up. It ended with a kiss but we don’t know if they made love or rented When Harry Met Sally and ordered room service.

Despite that one disappointment though, there was some solid romance during the week. The violence still overwhelms the love but I’m noticing a shift in the right direction. Fingers crossed GH continues on that path.

Lines of the week: ”You take the pen or you go to the pen.”-Franco

“You put your life on the line. For what? Money? Power? Control? Was it worth it? You’ve been given a second chance with Avery and you still make yourself a target. It’s unbelievable. It’s selfish.”-Dante

Best dressed: Maxie in her romper.

Couples of the Week: Ava and Scott, Julian and Alexis, Franco and Nina

Scene stealer: Pop-up Magic Milo

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