General Hospital Spoilers: September 21, 2015 Edition

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Next week on General Hospital, Sam remembers her wedding day on her and Jason’s anniversary, Carly and Michael try to reach Morgan, Alexis looks to help Julian clear his name, Ava confronts Carly. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of September 21, 2015.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Just You and Me

It’s Jason and Sam’s wedding anniversary and Sam still feels the weight of her loss. While the date evokes nostalgic thoughts of Jason, Sam wants to do right by both Patrick and herself by moving forward. Feeling sentimental, Sam visits the Chinese restaurant where she married Jason and Jake happens to be there. She shares with Jake a affectionate memory and makes a confession.

A flustered Liz finds herself covering up for a mistake Sonny makes. Later, Liz and Jake set a wedding date. Liz feels guilty about the impact hiding the truth has on so many lives. Will she get cold feet?

Also this week:

Jake extends an offer of help to Carly during her family’s difficult time. Meanwhile, Michael makes a promise to defend his family. Carly and Michael plead with Morgan to get help. Will Morgan take their advice or does he have other plans? Michael and Jake discuss the recent events and how they have effected Michael’s role in the family.

Fearful of Morgan’s vengefulness, Alexis makes an appeal to the young Corinthos. Julian is grateful for Alexis’ commitment. Later, Alexis asks Paul for assistance in tracking down the real culprits behind Port Charles’ latest surge in criminal activity. Sam also offers to help her father.

Things continue to get unorthodox for Ava when she receives a surprising proposal from an unlikely source. Later, Ava is coerced into accepting an unwanted position. Moving forward with her plans to regain her family, Ava seeks Scott’s help to get baby Avery back and has a long overdue confrontation with Carly. Does Ava have a surprise trick up her sleeve?

Tracy gives Maxie a history lesson regarding her relationship with Paul. Meanwhile, Dillon and Paul continue to grow closer as they spend time together.

  • Olivia wants to bring Leo home to Port Charles and looks to Tracy for help. Will she be able to reunite with her son without her secret being exposed?
  • Things continue to get worse for Ric when he finds himself out of a job.
  • A proposal is made.
  • Carly makes a bold move.
  • Sonny notices similarities between Jake and his former enforcer. Is he closer to discovering that Jake is really Jason?
  • Ava reveals some important news.
  • Patrick and Liz discuss the state of his relationship with Sam.

Source Sneak Peek: September 28
Michael and Morgan promise Carly they will not get wrapped up in Sonny’s business…but will they keep their promise to their mother? No longer a member of the PCPD, Anna proposes a new business venture to Sam. Now rid of her scheming husband and reunited with Franco, Nina seeks to make peace with the past and make a fresh start.

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