‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Week In Review: Pink Slips and the Next Generation of Forrester

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Last week on The Bold and the Beautiful, if you missed a day, you missed a lot as the week saw the advancement of several storylines that have been stuck in the mud far too long. And if going into a marriage with one lie is bad, going into it with two might prove catastrophic for one couple.

The Bold and the Beautiful Week in Review for episodes airing September 7-September 11, 2015.

Life Has Consequences

With his finger on the button ready to end this insipid storyline once and for all, Wyatt was intercepted by Ivy shrilling at an eardrum rattling level about loyalty, murdah and responsibility. Steffy maintained her innocence while Wyatt played referee between the cousins. Finally getting through to Ivy and making her face what it was that was really bothering her. Despite what happened or didn’t happen on the side of the road, Ivy did nothing to help her best friend. Not that night and not in the days leading up to the altercation. She faced the enormous amount of guilt that she had been carrying around and finally understood that what she was doing in the name of Aly’s memory was wrong. It was actually a really great moment of clarity. If I didn’t have such a resentment for Aly’s death being about Steffy vs Ivy instead of Thorne, I would have loved these scene. Alas, it felt to me like more of the same drivel I’ve been watching the past few weeks. None the less, Ivy did the right thing an erased the master copy of the video to which Steffy finally exhaled in relief. As much as I hope that’s the last time we ever have to see that video, I am smarter than that. But for that moment, it looked like all was well in the land of Wivy and Steam. Especially after making an I Know What You Did Last Summer pact to never speak of the video again. It was time to get back to business.

And how would that business go now that Steffy was no longer under the thumb of her cousin? Not well. Not well at all. After initially complaining about having to do photoshoots as the new Face of Forrester, Ivy finally seemed ready to fulfill the obligation she conned her way into. But before the first flashbulb could go off, the President and Vice President of Forrester showed up on set to shut everything down. Confused and clearly ticked off, Ivy and Wyatt confronted Liam and Steffy in the office as to why the sudden change of heart after they all agreed to bury the hatchet. Steffy informed her cousin that at no time was the title she stole from her part of the deal. She let her know that nowhere else would it be ok to blackmail your way into a promotion then be able to keep it once you lost your leverage. I feel like Ivy and Wyatt had to understand at least that much. Whether they liked it or not, Ivy never earned the position and did nothing but complain once she got it. I have to believe they expected Steffy to take back what was rightfully hers. What they didn’t expect was for Steffy to take it one step further and give Ivy a pink slip. Liam looked equally shocked. I on the other hand wanted to dance a jig. It was a realistic move to me. If you blackmail your boss, at the very least you should get fired. If not arrested.

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