‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Week In Review: Zencole Make it Official, Caridge Start to Unravel

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What a week! With equal parts romance and angst, The Bold and the Beautiful set the stage for what looks to be an early sweeps.

The Bold and the Beautiful week in review for episodes airing September 21-25, 2015.

Sweet Prelude

Although it’s only been 3 months, it seems like forever since Zende Forrester (Dominguez) strolled into the CEO office ready to learn the family business. Almost immediately sparks flew between him and the youngest Avant sister, Nicole. And up until this week, that’s kind of all there was, sparks but never any real movement. Fast forward to an impromptu kiss with his cousin Thomas, and Zende finally realized slow and steady never wins the race. After overhearing Thomas and Nicole’s conversation about said kiss, Zende put on his best jealous interrogation of the two culprits. Visibly upset even after they clarified the circumstances, Zende went as far as to accuse Thomas of sexual harassment. It was kind of hilarious actually. After Thomas left, Nicole tried to tell Zende it wasn’t a big deal. What happened next sounded like every single fight my 20-year-old self had with said non boyfriend of the time. The awkwardness of that “talking to” stage is so real, let me tell you. Clear they wouldn’t accomplish anything indoors, Nicole led Zende outside to get some fresh air and to think rationally. Without telling who, Nicole let Zende know that Thomas kissed her to get over someone else and also that she was thinking about someone else as well. Zende was still clearly jealous although he said he wasn’t.

The next day Zende tried to hide the concert tickets he had gotten for him and Nicole with an assist from Charlie. That didn’t last long as Nicole saw the tickets when she knocked his folder off the table they were sitting at. In such a guy like move he tried to play it off saying they weren’t for her but Pam and Charlie showed up right on time in inadvertently blow up his spot, as the youngins say. Finally, Zende admitted the truth and did something he (and the audience) had been wanting to do for months. He kissed the girl! And it was perfect. I really can’t say enough about these two. They are arguably the best younger couple on any of the soaps right now. They have this realistic natural flow that is more often than not missing from a genre that thrives on angst. Simply said, these two give me a case of the squeals. And I guessing I’m not the only one as the first person to find out about their new couple status, Rick informed them that the whole building has been rooting for this moment. Hoping this young duo has plenty more moments to grace us with.

Not Viable

Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) breaks the bad news to his new wife Caroline (Linsey Godfrey). Photo Credit: © Sean Smith/

Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) breaks the bad news to his new wife Caroline (Linsey Godfrey). Photo Credit: © Sean Smith/

While young love was forming in the Sky Lounge, more serious matters where being dealt with on the design team. Working on the creation for their spring line, Ridge and Caroline were also excited about getting started on a creation of their own; another Forrester baby. Just one problem Ridge had to take care of first. After leaving his new bride at an office reception, Ridge went to see a doctor about getting that pesky vasectomy reversed. Not understanding how this things work, Ridge thought he could stroll in, take a number and get the procedure done that day. The doctor informed him he had to run some tests first to make sure it was possible. Meanwhile back at Forrester, Brooke was being her usual busy body self. Inserting herself into a situation without any real motivation other than the writers needing her to do something. She pretty much trolled Caroline the entire time Ridge was gone and for what exactly? She’s being a friend to Ridge I guess but I have said it before and I’ll say it again, in order for her presence in this story to have any stakes, they have to start writing her as wanting Ridge back. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Speaking of Ridge, back at the doctor’s office, he got some news that he wasn’t at all anticipating. There would be not reversal surgery because his sperm count was too low and there would be no point. He was given a less than 10% chance of having kids again. Devastated, Ridge headed back to the office to tell his wife the horrible news. Nope, I’m joking. He told Brooke… again. She told him to tell Caroline to truth, he said he couldn’t, she walked in on them having this argument, so on and so on. Caroline didn’t have time to decipher the tension between Brooke and Ridge for long because she had her own doctor’s appointment to get to. Wanting to make sure all systems were a go for baby, Caroline went to her OB for a checkup and to get advice about starting the baby making process. But surprise! Caroline was informed she was already pregnant. Her happiness quickly faded into fear as she flashed back to her anxiety pill assisted tryst with Thomas. Although the doctor was unable to say for sure when she got pregnant, Caroline left to tell Ridge the good news hopeful that because she had gotten a light period after sleeping with Thomas, that Ridge was definitely the father. Before she could share her good news, Ridge sat her down with gloom on his face to tell her about his not so good doctor’s appointment. The look on Caroline’s face when she was told her husband couldn’t be the father of her child was more deafening than had she cried out. Linsey can do so much acting wise without even saying a word. But eventually words are going to have to be spoken. Caroline is going to have to tell her husband she’s pregnant by his son. And judging by the promo for next week, the fallout will be epic!

Second Thoughts

Also this week we saw a little more on firing of Ivy. First thing that caught my attention is that Ridge didn’t seem to know any of the details and when he did address it, did so to Quinn instead of Steffy. I don’t know why whenever anything goes wrong, everyone looks to Quinn. I’m joking again, I do know. But still. Speaking of Ivy, she slipped past security and tried to reason with Steffy to give her her job back. Steffy didn’t seem to want to hear anything she had to say. And really neither did I. This storyline as it stands is just slightly above annoying for me. Mainly because in the wake of Aly’s death, the focus has been on everyone but her father, Thorne. But also because I just don’t see it for this Ivy vs Steffy rivalry they are trying to manufacture. It just falls flat. Bill/Katie vs Liam/Steffy only lasted one scene a couple weeks ago and was more thrilling than this. It’s also missing an outside component. Someone else needs to find out the real reason Ivy was fired. I believe I said that 2 weeks ago. Please make it Quinn. She makes everything better!

This week, tensions boil over as more secrets are revealed and Quinn is warned about her Mama Bear ways.

Line of the Week: “Once Brooke has marked a man, she kind of sees him as hers for life” – Quinn

Performer of the Week: Thorsten Kaye (Ridge)

Photo Credit: © Sean Smith/

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