‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Complicated Boredom, New Beginnings and Cheesy Puffs

Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins) rehearse in a scene airing October 1, 2015. Photo Credit: © Howard Wise/

General Hospital has been missing its heart lately. It’s safe to say that September was not the kindest month for GH. We didn’t get a lot of love in the afternoon and were instead “treated” to a rinse and repeat mob war. This week was more of the same until the very last day. Thank God for Friday!

The new head writers’ material will finally surface this coming week. You can check out previews of what’s to come in our General Hospital Spoilers. Readers, I’m ready for something new. If Friday’s love in the afternoon was an amuse-bouche to what we’ll be feasting on then I couldn’t be happier. It proved that GH can exist without guns, threats of harm, violence and demeaning women. Many people have the misconception that GH is Sonny and the mob but it just doesn’t have to be. A soap opera should be a soap opera.

I’m not going to critique the mob stories that happened this past week. I already focused on that in my previous Week In Review and there isn’t anything new to say. Instead I’m going to focus on some of the romance that GH gave us.

General Hospital Week In Review is for the week of September 29th-October 2nd.

The Future Dr. and Mrs. Drake

It’s important for characters to go on journeys in soaps. If they stay the same and always do the same thing over and over again, it just isn’t any fun to watch. This week Sam Morgan decided to move forward with her life. It wasn’t just about letting go of Jason. It was about Sam embracing the woman she has become and what she now needs in her life. Sam’s goals have evolved. She is no longer a con-artist swindling rich men out of their money, she is no longer the bitchy other woman and she is no longer the mobster groupie; She’s not the same woman she was when she married Jason. Her past is a part of her but she has grown as a person. My point is that when the reveal that Jake Doe is really Jason finally happens, it’s not only Jason who will have gone through a bit of transformation. Will their love survive the test of time? Or will they both need to go their separate ways?

The absolutely adorable way in which Sam accepted Patrick’s proposal was evidence that Jason and Sam may not instantly reconnect when the truth comes out. Sam and Patrick are madly in love and can make a happy, safe home together. They’ve reach domestic bliss with handmade signs, roses, wine, last pieces of bacon, bubblegum rings and cheesy puffs. Isn’t that what we all really want to have? Would it be easy for Sam to give that up? Jason is the love of Sam’s life but with the highs of their relationship came a lot of lows and uncertainty. It took longer for Jason to know that he wanted to be married to Sam and have a family with her than it did Patrick.

The week ended with Laura at Patrick and Sam’s doorstep. She is obviously there because she wants to tell Sam the truth about Jason. But it’s not sweeps yet so I suspect that she won’t go through with her confession. Perhaps seeing her bad timing – Sam and Patrick just having got engaged – will make her lose her nerve. While that means more waiting for the Jakson story to be resolved, the good news is we can get more romantic moments for Sam and Patrick in the meantime.

A Place of Our Own

After a long absence, Franco and Nina were back and so was Kiki. It appears these characters are going to be moving in a new direction now. The last we saw them their previous stories lines were being wrapped up with nice little bows. They all get fresh start with the new writing team instead of having to endure rewrites in the middle of huge story arcs. We got caught up with what they’d all been up to on General Offscreen not though lengthy exposition but with conversation and interaction. Franco is still living with Scotty and Nina is at the Metro Court but they decide to find a new place to move into together. Kiki is still living at Silas’ apartment where he was murdered because she can’t sell it. She hasn’t been responding to Franco’s calls prompting him, with Nina in tow, to check up on her. She’s full of snark but swears she’s okay, she even has a job! Franco can sense there is something wrong with Kiki and later we find out that she’s been trying to drink her sorrows away instead of going to work.

I suspect all this is leading up to a makeshift family unit of Franco, Nina and Kiki. Nina’s looking for a new house, Franco is going to move in with her and he’s worried about Kiki living by herself in a crime scene. Doesn’t take a genius to do the math. I can see a lot of potential story in them all co-habitating. Franco wanting to be a father to Kiki will probably not sit will with her estranged mother, Ava. Kiki and Nina have clashed a bit in the past. They did a decent job being civil to each other for Franco’s sake but living together could pose to be a challenge. Of course, Nina really wants to be a mother so maybe she’ll try really hard to take Ava’s place in Kiki’s life. Either way, I’m sure a certain amount of wackiness will ensue, hopefully with Nina and Franco working through things together and Kiki never dating a Corinthos again.

Home Movies

Valerie (Brytni Sarpy) likes to kiss and tell with Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins) in a scene airing October 1, 2015. Photo Credit: © Howard Wise/

Valerie (Brytni Sarpy) likes to kiss and tell with Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins) in a scene airing October 1, 2015. Photo Credit: © Howard Wise/

I’m not feeling this movie story line at all. The love shenanghans between Nathan/Maxie/Dillon/Lulu/Dante/Valerie have been a bit of a snooze. The strongest part of this story is Dante and Lulu. I really like the chemistry between Dominic Zamprogna and Emme Rylan. Seeing them argue over misunderstandings and fret over the possibility of losing each other is the best material they have gotten in a long time. Unfortunately, everything else connected to it isn’t popping as much as their scenes. Dillon and Valerie aren’t feisty enough for me to see them as a real threat to Lante’s relationship. Nathan and Maxie’s involvement comes off nosey since they don’t have their own story outside of worrying about their respective BFFs.

We don’t know when Dante and Valerie’s affair will come out but we now know how. Valerie confessed all to Dillon while unbeknownst to them they were being filmed. Dillon also confesses that he has feelings for Lulu. Now if these two were a bit more spunky, we would get months of them working together to split up Lante and then once they succeeded someone would play the tape. I don’t see that happening though. Valerie and nuDillon have thus far been shown as sensitive and well-meaning individuals. It’s okay that there aren’t any clear villains in this hexagon but so far we have everyone just feeling bad about the situation. Things need to get spiced up a bit.

Another complaint is that seems like too many people know about the affair right now which means the reveal loses its impact. Valerie has told her boss and now her boyfriend. Dante told Nathan. At this rate, it won’t be long before everyone knows but Lulu. I’m picturing a cluster of finger pointing at all those who kept the secret when that recording is played. It would have been better if Valerie had just told Carly. Then we could have gotten Spencer cousin bonding and Carly being a bad influence. But alas that’s not what happened.

Despite my disappointment in what is lacking, I think it’s a good idea for the new writing team to put some needed energy into this umbrella story. This is the next generation of General Hospital and the actors involved are all appealing individuals for various reasons. They also fall into the same age range as the coveted ratings demos. Valerie and Dillon need to be more defined and a good way to do that is to expand their interaction with others on the show. Nathan and Maxie need another side story to occupy them so that they aren’t just stuck in the “friends zone” story line wise. Dante and Lulu can keep doing what they’re doing.

What do you think of Sam and Patrick’s engagement? Are you looking forward to Jason’s identity being revealed? Does Kiki’s destructive behavior have you intrigued? Are you enjoying the 20-something hexagon and Dillon’s movie story line? As always, I wasn’t able to touch on everything that happened on GH during the week that was. If you want to share you thoughts on anything I did or did not mention, feel free to comment below or tweet me and I’l chat with you!

Photo Credit: © Howard Wise/

Jenn Bishop
Jenn Bishop was TVSource Magazine's Soap Editor. She's a thirty-something fan girl of soapy television and anything involving Joss Whedon. She began sharing her views on daytime soaps in 2012 with her blog Save Our Suds. A former philosophy major, she loves discussing different view points with fellow TV addicts and aficionados. When not watching television, she enjoys art, live music, exploring the Midwest food scene, and drinking too many lattes. Follow her on Twitter at @SourceJenn.

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  1. We seem to be enjoying the same things:) Thanks for commenting! It would be interesting to learn more about Valerie’s father. Funny she’s never even mentioned him.

  2. Actually, it’s the third. The first time was Britt faking Rocco as Ben, second time in 2014 it wasn’t on screen at all. So this would be the first Christmas on screen, If they are actually on screen.

  3. Rocco was reunited with his parents in the spring of 2013. This is his 2nd Christmas with them.

  4. I heard a rumor the Valerie pregnancy was cut long before Ron left and it does make sense seeing as 2 weeks ago Valerie was suppose to tell Dante life altering news and it ended up being about Julian, also it’s been three months and if she isn’t showing any signs at this point I just don’t see it happening at all. I think Dante, or at least I hope they stay true to his character and have him fight to get back with Lulu but with these writers you just never know. I do expect a good couple months at least which is kind of sad seeing as this would be Rocco’s first Christmas with his parents.

  5. I really appreciated your emphasis on the Friday episode – definitely the best day on General Hospital last week. I enjoyed the whole episode, including Patrick and Sam’s engagement and the “family” drama with Kiki, Franco and Nina.

    But my attention is on the intertwined 20-something group of six – Valerie, Dillon, Nathan, Maxie, Lulu, Dante. I see appeal and possibilities with all of these diverse actors – and their characters – and I want GH to focus more fully on developing ALL of them, No question, GH should have a focus on these members of a coveted demographic age group.

    I agree that their current story is the best material Dante and Lulu have had a in a long time. This
    story highlights for both their characters, Dante and Lulu – AND for fans- that a love story becomes even more intense and more cherished when it is threatened by both internal and external forces.

    However, that material has been developed not only by Dante and Lulu, but also with the support of the other four 20-something characters. Especially Dillon and most especially Valerie. So now it’s time to
    do as you suggest and better define these characters and expand their interactions on the show. Segue Valerie and Dillon – and Maxie and Nathan – into other stories and build on their overall family, friend and workplace possibilities. Specifically, let us learn more about Valerie’s past and present outside of Dane and Lulu’s story. There are so MANY possibilities for other kinds of friendship, family trauma for this group – for rivalries and close bonds – for secrets and mysteries from the past (eg Who REALLY is Nathan’s father? And Valerie’s?) The list goes on ….

  6. Thanks for reading! The romantic in me hopes that Dante really fights for Lulu when the truth comes out. I suspect they’ll probably be apart for awhile though and if Val is pregnant then things will be even more complicated.

  7. Dante’s dialog and really all of Lulu and Dante scenes are amazingly written and well acted by Dom and Emme. All of Dante’s “I can’t lose you” and “Lulu and Rocco is the reason he lives” is so real and emotional I actually fear for Dante’s sanity when the secret comes out because his first love, wife and his child is all he knows and when they take a break because of the secret I see him going down a dark path and I think that’s what all the dialog is about, we’ve seen what happens when Lulu leaves him and he basically loses it and as he told Lulu once they got back together after the NYE break up he can’t even stay the loft without her. I ship them so hard this is going to break my shipper heart when it happens.

  8. I would love for the “who is Nathan’s father storyline” to happen. Maxie can be there for Nathan and help him find out who his real father together. Nathan and Maxie make a great team together. Just like they make a great couple.

  9. Jason and Kelly have great chemistry. Finger’s crossed that we get to see more of Samtrick happy together before the Jason reveal. If GH is heading towards a Patrick/Sam/Jason triangle, I don’t want the outcome to be obvious. Thanks for reading:)

  10. Thanks for commenting! I’m a Naxie fan myself. I feel like have a spot in this story line with Lante but that they should just have other stuff going on too. Whatever happened to Nathan’s who’s the daddy story line? Maybe they could be looking into that.

  11. I love Nathan/Maxie together. I’m happy we have been seeing them more then we did earlier this summer. I thought their scenes together this week were adorable, funny, & hot. But I agree its time for them to have their own storyline. I hope the new writers give Nathan and Maxie a new storyline one that doesn’t involve a third or fourth party. But let Nathan and Maxie be there for Dante and Lulu when the affair is out. Lulu is going to need her BFF and Dante is going to need his friend/partner. I expect when the affair is out that Dante and Lulu will separate for a while because Lulu will need sometime, but I hope they work through this and don’t get a divorce.

  12. Love the Sam/Patrick love right now, they are so refreshing as a couple. Jason Thompson/Kelly Monaco just click together. I don’t see Sam dropping all things Patrick and running to Jason. For one thing she has witnessed him not even caring about finding out who his family is. The movie story line is awful, I don’t care for the characters or the story. I have to agree I love Dante/Lulu also, great material for them. Right now I tune out Nate/Maxie until they have something to really talk about.

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