The Bold and the Beautiful Week In Review: Will You Be My Savior?

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Everyone needs a little saving now and then, right? Last week was no different on The Bold and The Beautiful as the soap’s resident (and Quinn dubbed) Rescue Ranger was on hand to save a scantily clad Aussie and the Avant parents were back to save one if not both of their daughters from a disaster in the making.

The Bold and the Beautiful week in review for episodes airing October 19 -October 23, 2015.

Be Your Best Selves

Oh how I love a good Forrester Creations photoshoot! Well I used to…with Hope and Maya in front of the lens. This week’s shoot however was nothing to write home about. Out of her element and clearly uncomfortable, Ivy was encouraged to go through with the lingerie shoot while Steffy, Caroline, Wyatt and Liam looked on. The shoot started off timid and only went down from there. To her credit, Ivy looked great in her little purple number, but there is nothing sexy about humiliation. After tensing up one too many time, Liam stepped in to put the kibosh on the whole thing. He called Steffy out for taking the rivalry with Ivy too far and said she’s better than what she was doing.

Liam’s damsel in distress radar was on orange and everyone within earshot was due for one of his infamous rally the troops speeches. He told them to get over their differences and move past the other’s wrong doings and be a family. It would have been really great if it wasn’t on the heels of the dumbest storyline this show has produced in 2015. Ivy again apologized for blackmailing Steffy, Steffy reluctantly accepted and agreed to let bygones be bygones, Liam gave a dorky smile, I rolled my eyes. It was just all bad — not the acting or dialogue mind you; the story itself. This storyline has been horrid from the word go because under no circumstances was this in the top 10 of great fallout ideas to killing a legacy character. It’s been tedious, obnoxious and has done these four characters zero favors. All I can do now is hope that this the end of it and thank the writers for not subjecting us to any more.

Feeling himself after saving the day, Liam accompanied Caroline upstairs to office and were joined by Pam and Charlie. Caroline wasn’t there for long making small talk before a wave of morning sickness hit her and she ran off to the bathroom. It took Pam all of one commercial break to put two and two together and run out to get her a pregnancy test. Confronted with the test, Caroline had to admit that she didn’t need it. Ridge came in just as the would be Scooby Doo crew figured out the news. The newlyweds asked that it be kept quiet but before the end of business, pretty much everyone down to the mail room knew. Including Brooke. Not 5 minutes after Caroline questioned Ridge about how he was going to convince her he was the daddy, Brooke stood in his face challenging just that. He gave her a poorly thought out lie about getting the vasectomy reversed and the doctors being wrong about his swimmers. After some hesitation, Brooke congratulated him but it was clear she still wasn’t convinced. Ridge and Caroline continued spreading their baby news the next day and it seemed like they were finally starting to even convince themselves of their lie. That was until the truth walked his way into the CEO office fresh off a Parisian flight. Thomas didn’t really give a good reason as to why he was back, but I for one didn’t need one. I’m still annoyed he let his father ship him off like his name was RJ. But I am eager to see his reaction to the baby news. Will he still believe what Caroline told him weeks ago about not being pregnant or will those skeletons come tumbling out of the closet in time for Halloween?

Not About Strong Arming

Photo Credit: © Sean Smith/

Photo Credit: © Sean Smith/

Newly committed to putting her sister’s wants over her own, Nicole returned to grappling about how to tell her boyfriend about her decision to carry another man’s child. It didn’t take Rick and Maya any time at all to begin setting up Nicole with a string of doctor’s appointments to get what they wanted out of her. I guess we are to assume the same concerns the fertility specialist spoke with them about last week were addressed to Nicole as well because it wasn’t done on screen. No, the only thing on-screen was Nicole’s obvious willingness to carry and give away her own baby out of nothing more than gratitude for the lifestyle that comes with being Maya Forrester’s sister.

Nicole didn’t give into her apprehension of telling Zende about her decision long before he came through the door convinced he was going to hear the opposite. Nicole sat him down and told that she had in fact agreed to be Rick and Maya’s surrogate. Zende was less than thrilled but Nicole tried to reassure him that the pregnancy wouldn’t take a toll on them showing that she’s clearly too naïve to do this. She even went as far as telling Zende that she would bail if he issued her an ultimatum. Zende refused to do that. He instead professed his love for Nicole (and her for him) and told her this wouldn’t be the end to them… making them both naïve.

The lovebirds told Rick and Maya that everything was great but a knock at the door changed all of that. Finally, after months of me screaming it at my TV, Mama and Papa Avant were back and their daughters faces hit the floor. With a noticeable pep in his step, Julius made a bee line for Maya and promised this time he was there offering acceptance. Maya wasn’t the least bit convinced and for good reason. Vivienne confirmed that her husband has seen the error of his ways and wanted to make the effort to mend their family. They even announced that in order to do that, they had sold off everything they owned and got an apartment in LA. No more Chicago winters for the Avants! It was blue skies and palm trees from now on.

The announcement of that decision shocked Maya so she decided to shock them back. She told her parents about the plan for Nicole to be their surrogate in what seemed like a test to see If Julius really was this accepting matured father he was claiming to be. Maya wanted to strike a nerve and boy did she! The reaction they got from Julius was exactly what we all expected it to be. Hell, his reaction was pretty similar to my own. He basically said over my dead body. Whether or not that will be enough to stop this in its tracks is yet to be seen, but the torpedo is definitely in the water!

Coming Up:

This week, Zende gets an unexpected ally, Thomas asks for the truth, and Halloween shenanigan ensue.

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