General Hospital Spoilers: November 16, 2015 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Jason is on the hunt for answers. Will he find what he’s looking for? Also: Robin contacts Patrick, Morgan’s behavior causes concern, Epiphany tries to whip Sonny into shape, Nina’s new job might not be as fun as she expected. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of November 16, 2015.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Where is my mind?

Will a kiss from Sam bring Jason’s memories back? Sam certainly hopes so but she may not get the reaction she wanted. Elizabeth confronts Sam about her intentions towards Jason. Meanwhile, Jason pressures Nikolas to reveal what he knows. Will the Dark Prince finally fess up?  Jason reaches out to his old friend Spinelli for help in learning more about his past. Jason begins a journey to discover his past with Elizabeth and Sam in pursuit behind him. Of course all paths lead to Cassadine Island. Things continue to heat up between Sam and Elizabeth’s rivalry when they have a heated discussion about Jason. Later, Jason learns some shocking news surrounding his accident. Patrick and Sonny discuss the ramifications of Jason’s return.

A still captive Robin calls Patrick who informs her about Jason. She is relieved to find out that her friend is alive and well after all. Robin wants to tell Patrick the truth but a threat towards Emma stops her from coming clean. Will Patrick learn the real reason why Robin left him? Emma experiences a terrifying encounter.

Also this week:

Despite his promise to his family, Morgan attempts to involve himself in Sonny’s business by making him an offer he may or may not refuse. Morgan encourages Kiki to apply for a job. Later, he tries to seduce Kiki into running away with him. All of Morgan’s erratic behavior leads Carly to worry about him. Franco protects Kiki from trouble with the law. Meanwhile, Nathan investigates Carly’s car accident. By the end of the week, something provokes a drastic response from Morgan.

  • Paul questions Ava’s ambition. Plagued with guilt, Anna decides to visit Dr. Maddox again.
  • A determined Sonny works on his physical therapy with the help of his trainer, Epiphany.
  • Maxie helps Nina with a makeover to match her prominent new position at Crimson. Nina feels a little out of her league in her new career.
  • Hayden meets with her partner to discuss their plans. She continues to seek the truth about who shot her.
  • Lulu seeks advice about Dante from Olivia. Lulu misinterprets an email from Valerie.

Source Sneak Peek: November 23rd

Morgan has a violent outburst that causes his family to take action. Sam reaffirms her love to Patrick. Liz and Jason go to the Quartermaine’s for Thanksgiving dinner and deliver important news to the family.

Due to the holiday, Thursday, November 26th will be an encore episode and Friday, November 27th will be pre-empted.

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  1. some of these spoilers aired this week, not next week

  2. Did someone forget to tell GH it was sweeps? I love to follow ava, Jordan and anna, but they’re not on enough to muddle through the rest of the well-acted, but boring and idiotic stores. I can FF the never-ending jason stuff, but Saint sonny and nico/kiki driving story is definitely my ‘last straw’, tied closely with paul driving story while ava/Jordan and ava are somehow secondary. If the HW can’t write for strong women, get another HW. Fast.

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