General Hospital Spoilers: November 9, 2015 Edition (Photos)

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This week on General Hospital, how will Port Charles react when the truth about Jason comes out? Also: Patrick calls Robin, Hayden continues to scheme, the custody battle for Avery gets heated, Julian and Alexis discuss his mobster past . Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of November 9, 2015.

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General Hospital Spoilers: To Love, Honor and Cherish

Port Charles is rocked by the astonishing news that Jake is really Jason! But nobody is more shaken up than Jason himself. He now knows who he is but he still doesn’t remember. Jason is married to Sam but “Jake” is in love with Liz. He accuses Nikolas of hiding his identity but don’t look for Jason to learn the the whole dirty truth. Jason and Elizabeth discuss their relationship but Elizabeth holds off on confessing that she knew the truth. Meanwhile, Sam and Patrick struggle with the tragedy of their circumstances. Later, Elizabeth shares the important news that Jason is alive with Monica. In turn of the recent events, Patrick reaches out to Robin to share the news. Sam and Jake share an intense moment.

Hayden drops a bombshell on an unsuspecting Nikolas. Later, Hayden makes another cryptic call. Just who is her partner in crime? Liz, Laura, Hayden and Nikolas discuss their shared secret. Will they come clean to everyone or continue to spread little white lies?

Also this week

Look for the custody case for baby Avery reach a boiling point this week. Ava provokes Sonny into losing his temper at the custody hearing. Meanwhile, Scott attempts to rattle Michael and Morgan as they take the stand. Later, Sonny lashes out at Carly for missing the hearing. But will all be forgiven when Carly brings Jason to visit Sonny?

Dante attempts to work things out with Lulu. Later, Lulu makes an impulsive decision. What happens when she comes face to face with Dillon again? Dillon’s impulsiveness may not garner the results he had hoped. Dante bumps into Valerie, now a new police academy cadet, at the PCPD. Things get more complicated when Valerie receives a compelling work assignment that brings her closer to Dante.

  • Alexis and Julian discuss the impact of his former business operations. Later, Sam turns to Alexis for some motherly advice.
  • Dillon encourages Maxie to pursue her acting ambitions but Maxie inadvertently talks herself into a new job.
  • Paul and Dillon have a father-son bonding moment. Later, Paul tells a hesitant Anna to delay her investigation into Sonny’s shooter.
  • Elizabeth witnesses a bittersweet moment.
  • Nina goes for a job interview.
  • Emma and Spencer go to the park for a school project.

General Hospital Spoilers Photo Preview

Source Sneak Peek: November 16th

Hayden meets with her partner to discuss their plans. Morgan encourages Kiki to apply for a job. A determined Sonny works on his physical therapy with the help of his trainer, Epiphany. Sam and Elizabeth have a heated discussion about Jason.

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  1. Liz and Nikolas should just wind up together

  2. Wow! Liz is amazing. She lied so flawlessly she truly deserves an Emmy. I really felt it for Sam Patrick,Carly especially Sam. Jake broke her heart when he told her that all he saw when he looked at her was his friend. When Sam and Carly hugged I seriously cried at that moment. Wow. Anyways back to Liz, WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! Wow LIz just Wow!! She had the audacity to tell Carly that he loves her and he still loves her, right in front of his shocked wife Sam and had the nerves to say that Jake needed her right then and there and that she should be the one to go after him.

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