‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: All The Young Dudes

The Truth Is Out There

Readers, after over a year, it appears the end is in sight for the Jakson Saga. While others trick-or-treated, sang karaoke at The Floating Rib and begged for financing at the Haunted Star, Spinelli was hard at work creating a computer program that would tell everyone who Jakson really is once and for all. Friday’s big cliffhanger was the digital morphing of Billy Miller’s face into Steve Burton’s face as the new facial recognition software kicked in.

Spinelli didn’t see the Jason face as he had to rush home but he left his laptop in the care of Jason’s BFF Carly. I’m kind of excited to see what Carly does with this new information. Unlike Liz, I doubt she’s keep this to herself (I really, really wished Carly had Liz’s story line instead by the way). I haven’t been enjoying the Jason story line. Too much of what I didn’t like about Jason has been played and too little of what I wanted to happen hasn’t happened. But with as tight as the writing has been for this tale the last few weeks, I’m going to be optimistic that even though this has been a colossal failure of a story line that it can still be salvaged.

My hope is that the reveal is given more thought than what the story itself was given. I hope that things don’t just drop into place with Jason’s former relationships. I want something with more depth that involves characters I actually care about.

RIP Sakey

GH has gotten into the habit of not giving us the whole story. Things can end up missing a beginning, middle or end. In the case of its recent pairings, there has been a tendency to leave out the middle part. We’ll get to see feelings blossom and characters fall in like with sweet moments that make us feel twitterpated; then we get a whole lot of nothing right before heavy obstacles are thrown at them with as much grace as a meteor hitting the Earth. Needless to say the couple rarely survives and if they do the shininess that made fans take to them has worn off. It seems GH has decided to do this with Michael and Sabrina instead of building them up as a new young super couple, something that the show so desperately needs.

Screenshot 2015-11-01 21.51.02The WTD (Who’s The Daddy) drama that has been tossed their way seems much too heavy for such a new romance. TVSource Magazine asked fans for their thoughts on this sudden story twist as part of our weekly Pulse Poll. The results don’t show the full picture of audience views but it seems safe to say that at least our readers aren’t feeling this. It doesn’t surprise me because a lot of the elements that originally made me a Sakey fan don’t exist anymore.

Sabrina and Michael started out as a very cute potential power couple. He was a young executive of his family’s company trying to get over a troubled past. She needed a fresh start of her own after a tragedy and a mistake. The hunky heir was romancing the nanny. They made a very Quartermaine couple and Sabrina fit in with the family well in particular Michael’s Aunt Tracy. The actors look great together and, at least to me, it seemed that they were getting a good response from fans. Then their story sort of stopped and took a backseat to character destruction redirection in order to fit plot points and others’ story lines. Now we’re getting a bunch of back story via newly filmed flashbacks. This couple hasn’t been allowed to develop long enough for all this!

I am somewhat intrigued by Sabrina’s miracle grow baby and the prospect of Carlos not being dead after all but this seems a bit much. The major issue with this story is that it has gone from zero to very pregnant just like Sabrina did. We’re missing the gestation period. We saw Michael and Sabrina fall in like but not in love. Now they are proclaiming their love while this big secret looms over them like a ticking time bomb. I like Sabrina, Michael and Carlos but I’m struggling to invest in this. For many viewers, this story seems like a beginning of the end for Sakey rather than something for them overcome. I personally feel that the choice was made to rewrite this story to avoid the more natural direction that it should have. Michael, for whatever reason, has decided he no longer wants to be a grown-up anymore and is back to being Sonny’s pawn again. He’s chosen a dangerous lifestyle over one that would provide security for a family. Sabrina is being slut shamed so that Michael doesn’t have to be mobster shamed.

Line of the week: “There are mistakes and then there are faking your death, coming back as someone else and having sex with your daughter’s boyfriend.”-Tracy

Couple of the week: Dante and Lulu

Scene stealers of the week: Andy the Intern and Aiden

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