‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Curses And Foils

Being Human

This was a big week for the Westbourne/Baldwins. Nina had her first day as Crimson’s new editor in chief and Franco and Kiki both got jobs. This make-shift family in on their way to conquering their biggest challenge yet – being normal.

Nina was excited about her first day in charge of Crimson until it became clear that she doesn’t have a clue how to run the magazine. Good thing she has Maxie there to keep things organized. Maxie’s first goal will be building a brand for Nina and making her a respected face of fashion like Kate Roberts. Nina will get all the attention and accolades while Maxie puts in all the work. But I think after some time Nina and Maxie will make a good partnership. Nina’s very determine and headstrong. Those characteristics will come in handy when going up against Julian.

Screenshot 2015-11-17 19.07.43Franco hasn’t had a first day at work yet but he did get his old job back as General Hospital’s art therapist. While Nina was talking about location shoots in Morocco, Franco was having his head examined by Dr. Maddox. I liked the scenes between Franco and Dr. Maddox. It was great set up for Franco and Nina’s new story arc. In particular when Andre asked, “Saying you want to live your life with integrity sounds good but are you willing to put in the work?” Franco and Nina want to build a life for themselves as productive and important members of society but it’ll be a challenge. Nina has a somewhat naive way of looking at the situation, thinking being pleasant and popular is the key to gaining respect. Franco seems more aware that he is the town pariah and that cocktail parties and couples friend may not be in the cards for Nina and him.

Another way in which Nina and Franco’s viewpoints differ is parenting. This was shown when Franco decided it would be best for him to take the fall for #DrunkKiki’s hit and run rather than have Kiki take responsibility. Nina felt he was just enabling Kiki and making the situation worse. These contrasting opinions come from the different childhoods both had. Nina was kept on a short leash by a strict and demanding mother while Franco’s adoptive mother had a much more relaxed approach, often making excuses for her son’s behavior and insisting that he was a good boy. Nina was protected by her family’s privilege and wealth while Franco went to prison at a young age for a crime he actually didn’t commit. Nina and Franco’s disagreement about how to best handle Kiki’s situation felt very real. Raising kids is hard and couples clash all the time when it comes to the best way to parent. I felt like the scenes at the PCPD worked to ground both Nina and Franco by giving them something very relatable to conflict over.

As for Kiki, she missed her first day as a waitress at the Metro Court when she made the bad decision to run away with Morgan instead. Now she is stuck in someone’s cabin with her manic, gun-toting ex-boyfriend. Readers, I have a theory about what has provoked Morgan’s latest episode. I think he was the one who actually drove Carly off the road and not Kiki. He rushed right after Kiki that night so he wouldn’t have been far behind her. While he was frantically trying to get her to pull her car over, he could have accidentally ran Carly off the road. We weren’t actually shown the crash or its aftermath and the security footage shows everything but what happened. Franco’s car was repaired before anyone could see if the damage was from Carly’s car or the guard rail that Kiki hit. And to top things off, Kiki blacked it all out. I don’t know if I’m correct or not but I think it would make for good story.

Stranger Danger

Robin’s captors are using her family to keep her at their bidding, specially Emma. Luckily Emma has been taught well. When a woman tries to get Emma to help her find her lost dog, she bites the lady and yells out for help. Tracy, who was speaking to Hayden in the park, runs to her aid. I thought it was really smart to utilizing the parallel scenes and combine them into one.

Emma was clearly frighten but she has a lot more than “Stranger Danger” to be upset about. Patrick and Emma are losing another family again. Poor Emma is traumatized. The scenes between Patrick and Emma were heartbreaking. He was very grateful that his daughter is safe and, when the conversation turned towards Sam, he struggled to reassure Emma that everything would be okay. Adults often forget that it can be the children who suffer the most from broken homes. Emma lost her mom, Sabrina and now Sam.

With Jason Thompson leaving GH, there has been a lot of talk about what that means for Emma. With both Robin and Patrick off the canvas, what happens to their daughter? Will she leave with them? Or will she stay in Port Charles with her grandma Anna? I don’t know what is planned but I suspect the need to give Emma some stability will be at the heart of whatever decision is made.

Couples of the Week: Epiphany and Sonny, Franco and Nina, Hayden and Shawn

Lines of the Week: “I’m the boss.”-Epiphany

Scene Stealer of the Week: The flight attendant

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  1. I personally would love it if both ladies moved on. I think Jason Thompson’s upcoming exit changes things a bit.

  2. Liason came before JaSam so why should Liz have to bow out? Let Sam move on she had her time. Time for Liason.

  3. I agree with you about Liz. I think the best thing tptb could do for the character is move her out of Jason and Sam’s orbit. I’d like to see her artistic side explored a little more and see who she can be outside of any sort of obsession. I’ll be curious to see if that’s the direction the writing team takes when this story mets its end (which is soon). From the promos it looks like someone at GH really wants Jasam vs. Liason but I think a lot of fans are tired of that. Thanks for reading!

  4. Im so tired of the JaSam/Liason crap. I dont know why Liz always has to be written into JaSam’s story. Give that girl her own man and own story to tell,because right now she reeks of desperation/selfishness. It was nice when sam/Liz were actually friends,that can never happen now.

  5. I think Helena at least eluded to what she did with Lucky. It’s a little hard to keep track of everything though. LOL Thanks for reading!

  6. Did Helena actually say she wiped out Jason’s memories? I don’t recall that–and it doesn’t make sense. He had the chip implanted before he woke up–and when he woke up he had his memory. He knew who he was, who Robin was and was headed home to Port Charles. It was AFTER Ava hit him that he didn’t remember anything anymore.

    Most of Sam’s misery is of her own making. Once she took up with McBain she wasn’t so miserable anymore. They made her miserable again for most of her Patrick engagement–as a plot point to interfere with the Jake/Liz story. She kept interrupting Helena–as if the story were all about her–and not about Jason and why Helena took Little Jake. I don’t blame Helena for cursing her.

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