‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Curses And Foils

Last week was another good week for General Hospital. It was very balanced and, for the most part, managed to keep me entertained. GH is doing a good job utilizing it’s large cast and moving story along at a good pace without sacrificing its characters. Smart choices are being made as far as connecting characters’ story lines. The criminally underused Epiphany has been added as the much needed voice of reason in Sonny’s story line; Lucas had a serious family discussion with his sister Carly; Tracy interacted with Hayden, Patrick and Emma all in one episode. The list goes on.

GH recently put out a promo featuring Liz and Sam throwing drinks at each other and bickering over Jason. That promo did not have a very positive response from online fans. I feel like GH has a tendency to promote the same old stuff rather than new story that has potential. Liz and Sam duking it out over Jason has been done before so why tell fans that this is why they should be watching? They already watched it! Ten years ago! I’m sure the Liason vs. Jasam fan wars generate a lot of online activity but it’s not necessarily positive. Maybe GH needs to be a little more discriminating when it comes the type of attention it wants. Not all buzz is good buzz.

There also seems to be a lot of fan fatigue towards the Jason story in general due the length it has carried on with very little movement. Some viewers just don’t want the story anymore regardless of whether it is well-written. Many fans also feel that a lot of character destruction has taken place within this story line over the last year or so. It’s creating a bit of animosity towards the tale and its characters. I’m not really sure if anything can been done to turn that around. Maybe GH should try promoting another story line instead. There is a lot of great story right now to choose from.

As always, I wasn’t able to write about everything that happened on GH last week. If you want my thoughts on anything I didn’t mention or want to share your thoughts on the week, please leave a comment below or feel free to tweet me.

General Hospital Week In Review for the week that aired November 16-November 20th.

A Plague On Both Your Houses

In my last Week In Review, I was loving the Jason story line but now I’m kind of back to not liking very much again. I don’t all out hate it but it went from emotionally charged, character-driven story to a campy nod to the 2000’s Jason lovefest. The motorcycle ride out of town? The force feeding of the Jasam vs. Liason fan wars? Ninja Jason? While Liz and Sam’s wacky plane ride to Greece was entertaining (I loved the flight attendant), some of the dialog seemed plucked straight from the message boards. I want to watch Liz’s story. I want to watch Sam’s story. I don’t want the story to just be one long cat fight over who gets to hop on Jason’s motorcycle.

Screenshot 2015-11-19 20.51.06The real story within this story last week was Helena Cassadine. Ninja Jason, Liz, Nik and Sam all end up at the foot of Helena’s death bed. The Cassadine matriach is dying but that doesn’t stop her from laying a curse on Sam, the same curse she gave Luke and Laura back in the day. What this means for Sam’s future is anyone’s guess. We all know Sam is not going to get her happily ever after with the kind and handsome doctor, Jason may or may not get his memory back, color may never be introduced into her wardrobe… Sam works as the tragic heroine but the curse seems a little unnecessary. Hasn’t she already been leading a fairly miserable existence? Her relationship with Patrick was a patch of sunlight amongst all the dark clouds that have been hanging over her for years and we all know that’s about to end. So what’s the point of cursing her? You would think Helena would be content in Sam continuing to create her own misery through her own bad choices. Maybe it will all make sense later.

Besides cursing Sam, Helena also lets the gang know that she wiped Jason’s memory like she did with Lucky years ago. So Jason is basically Lucky 2.0 now. Lucky was able to eventually get his memory back and foil Helena’s plan of turning him against his family. Is this what she has planned for Jason? To turn him against his family? And if so which famiily -the Quartermaines, who Helena doesn’t care about, or the Corinthos, who Helena also doesn’t care about? Maybe Sam is her target. This is….well a bit confusing right now. I feel like the writers are trying to put together all the jigsaw pieces that have been already laid out for this tale and maybe not everything fits together.

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