‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Week In Review: Sweeps Take a Pregnant Pause

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It should come as no surprise that B&B is having the worst sweeps out of all for soaps. It’s actually pretty customary. For the past year, this show has displayed its absolute best material in the months right before sweeps then displayed what can only be described as anemic redundancies during.

The Bold and the Beautiful Week In Review for episodes airing November 9-13, 2015

Emotions In Check

Picking up at the ultrasound interruptus, Caroline and Ridge both had a mini freak out when Thomas entered their hospital room to see a picture of his baby on the monitor. Thomas brushed it off as an innocent right place, wrong time moment but Caroline and Ridge clearly took it as much more than that.  While they stressed, Thomas shrugged it off and headed back to the office to flirt with his cousin some more. Well not exactly. Ivy’s beau Wyatt was there give Thomas a warning all while Ivy was looking around playing dumb to Thomas’ advances. Across the hall, Liam was questioning Steffy about Thomas’ interest in Ivy and she didn’t deny it at all. She confirmed his interest and her annoyances. Not because of the almost relation of the two but because she just simply didn’t think they were a good match. The writers are working overtime to make sure the audience knows that Thomas and Ivy are not blood related, aren’t they? As if Liam didn’t have his hands full with this storyline, the next day he was pulled into another.

While randomly trying to fix something with Brooke’s computer, Liam noticed that she had been doing some research on vasectomies. Without putting up much of a fight to steer him in another direction, Brooke told Liam that Ridge has a vasectomy and to her knowledge, also had it reversed. She also told him about Ridge being told he was sterile. Liam being Liam decided to pry and confronted Caroline with this knowledge in a “we’re family, we talk about this kind of stuff despite how inappropriate it is” kind of way. Caroline had her second freak out of the week while trying to politely tell Liam that yes it was true but to mind his own business. Liam decided to let it go but only after Ridge got into his face and told him to. Meanwhile Thomas was doing more apologizing after he felt Ridge was taking out his personal issues with him on his work. Liam also picked up on this and asked Caroline about it. Caroline dodged the issue but remained stress out over the situation. Thomas groveled. Ridge scowled some more. It was all so incredibly redundant and obnoxious.

For one, I have no clue why in the world Liam had to be dragged into this storyline when Bill and Katie are off doing absolutely nothing. I have no clue why Thomas is sniffing around Ivy. I have no clue where or what Quinn and Deacon are doing. I have no clue why these storylines are not progressing. You would think that Thomas ending the week overhearing Caroline and Ridge talking about keeping something from him means there will be some movement. But a las, no such luck.

Check All The Boxes

Maya lurks as Zende and Nicole get intimate. Photo Credit: © Sean Smith/

Maya lurks as Zende and Nicole get intimate. Photo Credit: © Sean Smith/

From one story that’s not moving at all to another story that moving entirely too fast, this week we found out if Nicole was carrying Rick’s child. But before we get there, lets rewind and rehash all the reasons why this won’t end well. First we start with Maya and Rick doting on Nicole and monitoring everything she does and eats. I’m sure that’s really cute… at first. Now let’s move on to the super hot, super horny boyfriend who looks like he wants to rip Nicole’s clothes off everything he’s near her. And apparently isn’t afraid to say as much!

The chemistry between Rome Flynn and Reign Edwards just kind of jumps off the screen and smacks you in the face. Especially in these alones scenes in what I will assume is a photo studio (new set.) Zende asked Nicole if she felt any different. Of course she said no being that it had only been a few days since the procedure. He told her he was still blown away by what she did. She gave yet another “happy to do this for my sister” speech. Somehow, someway that seemed to turn Zende on and her made a beeline for any exposed skin he could find. Strangely, Maya was off to the side creeping on their impromptu romantic encounter.

After interrupting another one of their moments, Maya again showed some concern over stopping her sister’s life so that she could give her one but thanked her nonetheless. The next day the Avants met Brooke, Eric and Zende at the house to await news of Maya, Rick and Nicole’s doctor’s appointment. Again, there were the same conversations that had been had every episode since this storyline began. How could Maya put this on her sister, how could she accept? How will Zende react, how will Nicole give away her own child? Again, unnecessary dialogue that offered nothing more to the storyline. At the doctor’s office, Nicole was pacing back and forth waiting for the results of the blood test. She looked quite nervous for someone who was so determined to go through with it. Rick and Maya tried to ease her nerves before the doctor finally came in and told them the new everyone was waiting to here. Nicole and Rick are having a baby! Yes, I am referring to this child as Rick and Nicole’s for a reason.

The direction this story is going in is both rushed and predictable. And all the while is anticlimactic as hell.  It has offered some great performances and dialogue over the past month but really the decision to go this route in the first place is so questionable that it has taken me completely out of the story. So I guess like history has shown me, this and the other storylines will get increasingly better AFTER sweeps.

This week, Thomas kisses Ivy, Liam plans a surprise for Steffy, and I nap through it all.

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