General Hospital Spoilers: December 21, 2015 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, the tension continues between Liz, Jason and Sam. Also: Julian pops the question; Monica notices something important about Sabrina’s baby; the Scorpios have an emotional reunion.  Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of December 21, 2015.

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General Hospital Spoilers: The Rules Of Engagement

First Julian gave Alexis a new home to share with their family, now he’s giving her a ring for Christmas! Julian decides he wants to make it official with his lady-love but not before getting the blessing from the Davis girls. How will Sam, Kristina and, in particular, Molly feel about the proposal? #Julexis fans will not want to miss Monday’s episode.

A Good Man

Tension is sparked when Liz, Jason and Sam are caught in an awkward moment. Later, when Sam and Jason find themselves alone, she confesses her love. Well she get the response she desires or more heartache? After Nik taunts Jason, a fight ensues that leaves one of them in dire straights. Jason and Liz will share a close encounter that will leave Sam distressed. Later, Sam find herself reminiscing with Sonny their history together. When Jason finds himself in the need of some help, Sonny and Carly come to their friend’s rescue. Jason has a memory about Sam. Liz explains the current situation to her kids.

Also This Week

While Carlos hides in plain sight, Monica notices something interesting about Sabrina’s baby sonogram. Michael finally puts two and two together about Sabrina’s baby. Sonny’s sons unite for the holidays and contemplate their unfortunate predicaments. Meanwhile, their sister, Kristina continues to be evasive about her secret.

Robert, Anna and Patrick learn the truth about Robin. Will Patrick be able to believe his eyes? Robin will have an emotional reunion with her family, while Jerry gets his just desserts. Finally reunited after their long and painful separation, Robin has a heart-to-heart talk with Emma.

  • India.Arie performs a romantic song at the holiday gala.
  • Nina and Maxie declare the evening a success for Crimson.
  • Paul’s inability to resist Ava gets him into a heap of trouble.
  • Laura comes to an accurate conclusion about Lulu.
  • Kiki softens towards Ava.

*Due to the holiday, December 25th is preempted.

Source Sneak Peek: December 28-January 1

Sam learns where Patrick stands with both her and Robin. Lulu and Johnny move forward with their plan to destroy Valerie…but hitting her where it hurts. Morgan overhears something he shouldn’t and ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sam and Jason find themselves in familiar territory.

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