The Young and the Restless Preview: December 21, 2015 Edition (Photos)

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This week on The Young and the Restless, Adam and Sharon come face to face; Victor is unhappy with his daughters’ priorities at the holidays; Phyllis tries to mend a relationship. Get more Y&R scoop in our The Young and the Restless previews for the week of December 21, 2015.

The Young and the Restless Preview: The Newman That Stole Christmas

Victor is at odds with his daughters heading into Christmas. While his children have celebration on the brain, Victor contends that Newman Enterprises should be their priority. Nikki chastises Victor for his behavior and refuses to let him ruin their family Christmas. Determined to keep the Christmas spirit alive, the Nikki opts to throw the family’s annual Christmas festivities at the newly restored Top of the Tower. Eventually Victor lets Abby and Victoria leave while he chooses to stay behind at work. As the party begins, will Victor have a change of heart and embrace the Christmas spirit or will he “bah humbug” the night away?

Also This Week

Ashley teams up with an unlikely person; Summer confides in Kyle; Phyllis does damage control with Jack and Billy.

Victor makes a tough decision for his family; Victoria contemplates reaching out to Billy for Christmas; Adam reconnects with Sharon.

Nikki is determined to keep the Christmas spirit alive; Jill reaches out to Victoria, causing her to question where she stands with Billy; Lily asks Cane to come home for Christmas.

As Genoa City celebrates the holiday season, Traci returns home for Christmas, and Devon turns a corner with Hilary.

Programming Note: A repeat episode of The Young and the Restless will air on Christmas Day. Original air date: 12/14/14


  • Al Hodek appears as “Santa” on Tuesday, 12/22
  • Paul Mabon appears as a “Newman Security Guard” on Wednesday, 12/23
  • Beth Maitland appears as “Traci Abbott” on Thursday, 12/24

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