‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Move Along

Under Pressure

Liz’s lies are quickly catching up with her. When Sam overheard Jake talking about his mother and grandmother, she immediately got suspicious that her long time rival has been keeping secrets. Sam’s not going to let this drop and Liz is smart enough to know that. Liz is still hanging onto Jason as tight as she can but at the same time she’s fully aware of the impending doom that awaits.

Jason has sworn to Liz that he still wants to marry her and have a new life with their family. But what happens if Sam can convince him it’s all based on a lie? It would only take a small seed of doubt to have Jason, who’s feeling pretty vulnerable anyways right now, questioning things for himself. When Jason learns the truth, how forgiving will he be? Love is a powerful emotion and people tend to be very forgiving of those they love. But love can also very easily turn into hate.

The Liason vs. Jasam angle that this tale has been given is embarrassingly ridiculous. It’s juvenile and always has been. This is not how you tell a story for grown-ups. But if the fallout is done right, then this silly rivalry could finally move onto something with more substance. The week ended with Sam at Liz’s doorstep. I’m hoping that the confrontation and its consequences are less of a catfight and more about the cost of the damage each woman has done to each other and their families.


For awhile it looked like Morgan’s bipolar story line had gotten dropped. It hasn’t and I’m not sure how I feel about that. So far this heavily promoted story has been nothing more than poorly-constructed Emmy bait. I’m sure it will get some accolades for its “bravery” just like The Young and the Restless did with the dead baby story line they did a few years ago. They were able to eek out a few years’ worth of Emmys from that one. Does that mean the story over all is good or even necessary though?

Screenshot 2015-12-02 20.28.56I’m not entirely opposed to this story being told. It’s a real issue and some good statements about mental health can be made. But so many emotional beats are being dropped and so much history has been rewritten. That needs to stop happening. How am I suppose to invest in this story if I’m being told things I saw happen didn’t happen and when things that should be addressed are ignored? I’m suppose to believe that Morgan’s love affair with Ava was a side effect of his condition. I’m also suppose to find it perfectly normal that after he frightens and forces himself on Kiki, she’s able to just shake it all off and cuddle up to him in his hospital bed during Thanksgiving.

My issues with the story aside, I did like some of the moments that Morgan had in Wednesday’s episode. The conversation between Morgan and Andre felt real. Kudos for someone acknowledging that Morgan is an adult and treating him as such. I also really liked seeing a more subdued and self-aware version of Morgan. He seemed to know that he has caused a lot of harm and that things weren’t going to ever be easy for him. I particularly liked when he told his father, “I’m not just your son. I’m your patient too now.” GH is too far committed to this story line now to stop it so the best hope is that the writers clean it up. Show us more of the quieter and often hidden struggles that individuals with bipolar disorder face instead of trying to go too big and over the top with it.

Couples of the week: Tracy and Monica, Mac and Anna, Maxie and Nina

Lines of the week: “The Quartermaine family is still the first family of Port Charles.”-Tracy Quartermaine
“What’s wrong Carly? Are you ashamed of your mentally inbalanced son?”-Franco

Best dressed: Nina after her makeover

Video of the week: Robert Palmer Watkins Covers Good For You by Selena Gomez 

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