General Hospital Spoilers: January 11, 2016 Edition (Photos)

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This week on General Hospital, Johnny and Lulu move forward with their plan to sabotage Valerie. Also: Anna gets assistance with her investigation into Carlos’ “death,” Hayden continues to have conflicted feelings towards Nikolas, Sonny meets his new doctor. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of January 11, 2016.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Crimes Of The Heart

After discovering Johnny’s presence at the Haunted Star, Maxie becomes concerned for Lulu.  Later, Maxie has something to confess. Meanwhile, Johnny puts his revenge plan against Valerie into motion. His plan goes too far though and Valerie’s life ends up in jeopardy as a result. Lulu’s guilt gets the best of her, as she starts to realize that there is no simple solution to repairing her marriage. Things turn from bad to worse when incriminating photos of Johnny and Lulu turn up at the PCPD.

After growing increasingly certain that Sabrina knows of Carlos’ whereabouts, Anna doesn’t hold back in her pursuit for justice. She confides in Jordan that she believes Paul is the party responsible for covering up Carlos’ fake death. Later, Carlos makes a heartfelt appeal to Sabrina. When Jordan and Anna run into roadblocks with their investigation, they turn to Robert for backup.

Hayden is impressed by Nikolas’ romantic insight but is she willing to forgive and forget? Hayden’s head and heart remain in conflict. Meanwhile. Sam uses her sleuthing skills to uncover the truth about Nikolas’ fall.

Jason Takes Action

Elizabeth and Jason realize someone is trying to scare them, resulting in Jason taking measures protect his son after another incident. Jason has Liz and Jake stay with him at the MetroCourt until he can get to the bottom of this stalker. Later, Sam pays Jason a visit to give good news regarding her investigation and is surprised when Elizabeth answers the door.

Also This Week

  • Sonny meets the doctor who is taking over his case in Patrick’s absence. Don’t look for the godfather to be impressed with his new doctor.
  • Michael is given advice that he takes to heart. Is there a future for Michael and Sabrina?
  • Kiki wonders if Ava is in trouble with the law yet again.
  • Morgan has another therapy session Andre, where he reveals he wants to make his family proud.
  • The success of Crimson’s Green Issue puts the tax-dodging Julian on edge.
  • Alexis shoots down the idea of an engagement party.

General Hospital Photo Preview // © JPI Studios

Source Sneak Peek: Week of January 18, 2016

Kristina makes a confession to Sam. Hayden is torn. Elizabeth balks at Sam’s offer to help Jason investigate the ominous occurrence at her house. Anna and Robert close in on Carlos and Sabrina’s location. Lulu is facing trouble.

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