General Hospital Spoilers: January 18, 2015 Edition


This week on General Hospital, will Johnny and Lulu’s plans backfire? Also: Sam accuses Elizabeth of playing games with Jason, Jake gets some therapy, Sonny receives some good news, Kristina makes a confession. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of January 18, 2015.

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General Hospital Spoilers: This Girl Is On Fire

Valerie finds herself in a life-threatening situation when the cabin where she’s being held hostage starts going up in a blaze. Realizing his plan has gone awry, Johnny flees the scene hoping to avoid capture. Will Johnny’s mistake get him busted? Dante and Jordan come up with at theory after they piece together clues. Later, Valerie also puts two and two together. Will Lulu’s ploy for revenge come back to bite her? Later, Lulu turns to Laura for some motherly advice.

Safe House

Sam, Elizabeth and Jason continue to struggle with their circumstances. Sam stops by Jason’s room at the Metro Court and finds Liz there. Liz doesn’t volunteer the circumstances of her living arrangements to Sam, letting her initially jump to her own conclusions. Later, after hearing of the potential stalker, Sam offers to help Jason get to the bottom of the eerie situation. Much to Liz’s chagrin, Sam accuses her of faking the break-in in order to get close to Jason. Later, Jason has a significant memory. Looking to get help for Jake, Liz reaches out to Kevin and recommended a child psychiatrist. Both doctors suggest that art therapy could be the key to getting Jake the care he needs. Will Liz give Franco a chance to help Jake and her?

Also this week:

  • Olivia refuses to back down despite dire consequences and later is surprised to find support from a former adversary.
  • Carly makes a plea to Ava about Avery.
  • Sonny makes a breakthrough, but keeps it to himself.
  • Hayden is torn by her feelings for Nik. Later, the prince takes a big step.
  • Kristina makes a confession.
  • Robert introduces Anna to a familiar face.
  • Nina has an inspired moment at work.
  • Curtis defies Jordan’s demands.

Source Sneak Peek: January 25th-29th

Jordan and Curtis agree to shield TJ from the truth. Epiphany agrees to keep Sonny’s secret but urges him to bring someone else in on the loop. Anna and Robert discover frightening evidence. Liz and Jason come to an alarming conclusion about Jake.

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  1. Don’t want lulu and Dante to divorce I love them together

  2. The way they are driving the bus over LuLu it doesn’t seem to be worth it to watch this week

  3. it’s not good when I read the previews, and I am genuinely going to try out B&B this week instead.

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