General Hospital Spoilers: January 4, 2016 Edition

This week on General Hospital, Robin and Patrick throw a surprise party of sorts. Also: Tracy moves forward with her plans to regain ELQ, Nina and Franco reach a milestone, Anna shares her hunch about Carlos’ death with Jordan. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of January 4, 2016.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Wants and Needs

Sam and Jason’s close moment is interrupted by an emergency call from Liz. Jason promises Liz that he will have an active role in Jake’s life with her. Moving on with his new life, Jason decides his next step is to look for new living arrangements. Where will he end up? Later, Jason & Liz discover something quite disturbing. Meanwhile, Nikolas is advised to move on without Hayden and Laura advises Tracy to take some time for herself. Tracy decides to step up her quest to regain Quartermaine control of ELQ. What surprise will Tracy have for Hayden regarding her past? Nikolas has a shocking ultimatum Jason.

Modern Love

Obrecht thinks she has Robin where she wants her. Will Robin turn the tables on the Chief of Staff? Meanwhile, Patrick is cautiously optimistic about Sonny’s progress. Happy about being given a second chance at happiness together, Robin and Patrick don’t plan on having a very long engagement. After they have a heart-to-heart with daughter, Emma comes up with a brilliant suggestion. With help from Maxie, Robin and Patrick throw a party that serves a dual purpose. What their guest don’t know is that they’re actually attending a wedding! Amongst the attendees are Mac, Felicia, Anna, Robert, Elizabeth, Jason, Sonny and Carly.

Nina and Franco take the next step in their relationship and finally make love. Look for things to get a bit complicated for the lovebirds as they grow closer. Later, Franco puts his art therapy skills to the test when he helps Jake with an art project. Meanwhile at Crimson, an embarrassing error with Maxie,Nina and Dillon’s first collaborative effort could ruin all their plans.

Also this week:

Anna fills in Jordan about her suspicions regarding Julian, Carlos and someone “on the inside.” Will the ladies figure out the truth? An unsuspecting Paul assures Julian he has nothing to worry about from the DA’s office.

  • Lulu resists temptation.
  • Morgan opens up to Kiki about his condition.
  • Alexis is not thrilled with Olivia’s close involvement with Julian.
  • Valerie struggles at the PCPD.
  • Maxie makes a discovery.

Source Sneak Peek: January 11th-15th

Sonny is not impressed with his new doctor. Lulu’s guilt gets the best of her, as she starts to realize that there is no simple solution to repairing her and Dante’s marriage. Sam uses her considerable detective skills to uncover the truth about Nikolas’ fall.



  1. I can’t wait to see Liz haters loose their minds when she isn’t shunned by Patrick.

    Franco and Nina are hands down my favourite couple on the show. I love that they took their time w/ them. And that nothing about them feels forced. I only wish they were on more…but I understand not everyone’s a fan given who Franco used to be. I feel like if more people gave this character a chance they would realize how awesome he is. Plus Roger Howarth is just too sexy for words.

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