‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Caring Is Creepy


A College Thing

There is a lot more to Kristina’s educational woes than she told Sam and Molly. Turns out that not only does Parker have a wife but she’s woman. So Kristina may or may not have had an affair with with her female professor. I like this turn of events. When Kristina first came back she was the good daughter playing a supporting role in her family’s life. I’m glad to see her with an edgier story line now. Lexi Ainsworth is a terrific actress and fans feel a connection to her in the role of Kristina. Kristina’s past crushes and relationships have been with men. They’ve also been pretty disastrous. Did Kristina decide she was over guys? Maybe she’s always had a thing for the ladies. It was hinted that Darby and her shared something in the past. Kristina could also be bi-sexual or just experimenting with her sexuality.

There are a lot of questions that this story brings up about the young individual that Kristina has developed into while she’s been away. At first it seemed that Kristina’s lies to her parents were about her just wanting to hide her misbehaviors and keep them proud of her. I think all that still plays a part in it but now another layer has been added. Could Kristina not wanting her parents to find out she’s gay be at the heart of her scheming? Her father was afraid that she might be ashamed of him but maybe she’s really ashamed of herself for not being the daughter she feels he wants. Kristina’s parents could be perfectly fine with it (I don’t really see it being an issue for Alexis anyways) but what if they aren’t? She doesn’t want to lose their love. When Alexis told Kristina, “I promise you that some day you’ll meet a young man and he’ll make you radiantly happy.” The pain in Kristina’s eyes was apparent.

Self Improvement

Can someone who has done some really awful things become a good person? Not just because of circumstances such as saving the day by being in the right place at the right time but by actually earning it? I’d like to think so. The desire has to be there and the change has to be for the right reasons. GH has been overrun by individuals who have chosen the life of crime for one reason or another. What has made this problematic is that we’re often told that the criminals are the “good guys” while the doctors and lawmen are the “bad guys” who just don’t understand the “heroes.” As a result, GH often has a feeling of hopelessness. The bargain basement thugs always win while everyone else fails due to their own incompetence. A villain can be a good character but not when they are written this poorly.

Screenshot 2016-01-26 21.03.48GH did something this past week which made me happy (and hopefully wasn’t just a fluke). It had some of its mobsters actually take a look in the mirror and admit their lifestyle was less than cool. The regret humanized these characters and added layers which made them dare I say likable. Julian has decided to go legit for the sake of the woman he loves and his family. He even extended an olive branch to his former foe, Sonny. He realizes that he can protect his loved ones more by not bringing violence into their lives. Though his past sins could still come back to bite, he’s making a decision to be better. Sonny on the other hand has decided to lie to his family about his improved condition because it will be good for his business and aid in his revenge against Ava. Sonny told Julian, “Once you get in, you can’t get out.” He’s been using that excuse forever.

Over in Canada, Carlos waxed poetically to Sabrina about his hopes for their child. He’s words were meant to calm Sabrina and also as a confession to the wrong he has done. If he has a daughter, she’ll be educated and independent – things he tried to hold Sabrina back from in the past. If he has a boy, his son will be nothing like him and have the right values. Because Carlos chose the life of a criminal, he can’t be in the hospital celebrating with family and friends as Sabrina gives birth to his child. He has to live on the run, a burden that Sabrina must now bear too. In the end, we don’t know if Carlos and Sabrina’s baby is a boy or girl or even alright. They’ve disappeared again.

Johnny and Lulu’s heartfelt goodbye provided some of the best scenes of the week. Johnny is headed to prison again. He has decided to cover for Lulu, protecting the woman he loves from being taken away from her son. Every time Brandon Barash makes a guest appearance on GH, I’m completely wowed by his talent. He’s able to play Johnny’s struggle between good and evil perfectly. Johnny doesn’t think much of himself but Lulu is able to see the good in him. Perhaps that’s why he holds her so dear. “Well the wars is over and the good side lost,” Johnny tells her. She replies, “No because you have a good heart.” Lulu tells Johnny that she hopes that he uses his time behind bars to become a better man for his own sake not hers.

Couples of the week: Kristina and Parker, Carlos and Sabrina, Johnny and Lulu

Lines of the week: “Do you like my pictures Dad?”-Jake

“Fashion shows not over until the designer takes a bow.”-Maxie

“Okay at some point you are going to have to realize you do not have a monopoly on redemption.”-Franco

“How does your wife stay with you?”-Lomax

“Love can conquer all.”-Lulu

“I breastfeed him until he was five years old.”-Olivia

Best dressed: Maxie in her black and white dress on Friday’s episode

Best scene stealer: Lord Larry

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