‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Two Of A Kind


It’s a lot more fun to write about about General Hospital when I’m loving it. Right now my feelings for the sudser are flip-flopping between intrigue and frustration. What’s most problematic with GH, for me anyways, is that the front burner stories aren’t nearly as good as the supporting stories. I have fan fatigue from Jason, Sonny’s whatever and Lante’s self-inflicted marriage woes. The weakest links are getting the most promotion and screen time. The stories that have been simmering in the background have perked my interest but not enough is happening with them. 

In my 2015 Year In Review, I discussed the stories that defined the troublesome year and a lot of those stories are still playing out. I feel hopeful that 2016 can be a better year for GH but in order for that to happen it needs to wrap stuff up and move on to better things. I appreciate a lot of the effort made to clean up the main story arcs but I’ve stopped caring about them. Right now so much of the story that is actually good and worth watching isn’t getting played enough to connect to the viewers. Using serial storytelling logic, the main arcs should be winding down now and the B-stories should be moving forward. Let’s hope that starts happening fast.

Despite the fact that GH is repeating too many of its same mistakes, the past week did have some good moments and I’m going to focus mostly on those in my review. The stuff that’s working deserves a lot more attention than it’s getting. If you want to share your thoughts on anything I did or didn’t mention, please leave a comment below or tweet me and we’ll chat.

General Hospital Week In Review is for the episodes that aired January 18th-2nd.

Spies Like Us

You really can’t go wrong with Robert and Anna. I’m glad that Robert is going to be hanging out a bit longer in Port Charles. GH needs more good guys to balance the scales. The super duo of Anna and Robert provides that. It was also a pleasant surprise when the hinted at other side of Dr. Andre Maddox was that he’s working for the WSB and not the mob as many had assumed (because you know that’s what usually happens).

I like the set up of Robert, Anna and Andre working together. So far this is much better than the Duke, Anna and Sloane stuff. Robert and Anna aren’t together and haven’t been for a long time but his soft spot for her is apparent. Andre’s got his sights set on Jordan right now but there was a spark between Anna and him. I’m not sure if Anna and Andre’s attraction will lead to anything more but it adds the right amount of tension.

Was it just me or did Anna get some of her spunk back this week? It was refreshing to see some of the weight lifted from Anna’s shoulders and the shift from self-loathing to confident pursuer of justice. The only plus I’ve been able to find in this story line, Carlos not being dead and Paul being a mobster, is that I like Jeffrey Vincent Parise and don’t want Anna to be a murderer. Last week I actually enjoyed the story. We’ve got our heroine back.


My experience on the subject of breastfeeding is limit to that time I was on a date at a quaint French bistro and the woman sitting at the table right next to us began feeding her child sans blanket and all. There was no second date. I’m not a mother and really didn’t think this story line would be interesting but I oddly found myself enjoying it. It’s a much lighter social topic than TJ’s racial profiling story, which was quickly dropped for reasons unknown. However, it did create some discussion on a women’s issue even though at times it was a bit over the top or seemed silly.

Screenshot 2016-01-19 21.22.33My thoughts on the subject as it pertains to this particular story is that Mayor Lomax overreacted. Yes, a business meeting may not be the right time or place to breastfeed and perhaps Olivia should have taken more care to the comfort level of those around her. But this wasn’t a planned business meeting either. As one of my twitter pals Melissa stated “She was still in her yoga gear & [the] mayor saw her holding the baby.” Maybe Lomax should have been more respectful of Olivia’s time with Leo. Having Olivia arrested over a difference of opinions was unnecessary. She could have just left or rescheduled the meeting with Carly instead.

If done right, what’s going to be really cool about this story is that it will bring three female characters together and hopefully lead to some friendships. Olivia and Alexis now have a common enemy to go up against instead of clashing with each other. It’s not all about Julian either. Alexis and Olivia going up against Lomax actually is about the rights of mothers. Added to the mix will be Nina who is in need of her next big cover story. Nina still has a desire to be a mother some day so it will be interesting to see whether all the talk of motherhood will spark up some more of her own feelings. And, of course, I can’t wait to see what Julian thinks about Nina, Olivia and Alexis all helping each other out.

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