‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Two Of A Kind

Artistic Expression

Screenshot 2016-01-20 20.11.57Jake clearly wants his parents together and he’s willing to be a little bit Cassadine in order to accomplished that. Just how messed up is this little boy? We’ll find out soon enough since Liz is finally getting him some counseling. There’s a lot of potential in exploring this kid’s psyche, an opportunity to look at the psychological effect that kidnapping can have on a young child. What happen to him has shaped his identity and skewed his sense of right and wrong. I think the reason that Jason and Liz didn’t immediately seek help for Jake is because they want to believe everything is okay. They want to just be glad that their son is back home and safe. In real life cases like this, children can have a very hard time adjusting back to their home life.

I like the way that the situation with Jake can possibly switch story away from the Liz/Jason/Sam fan war triangle and into something new. Liz’s punishment for her lies is that she doesn’t get to have Jason. Now she has to live with that consequence. Jake doesn’t understand that and wants the family that he was denied for so many years to stick together. What’s really motivating this behavior from him? Jake’s issues should take precedence over his hitman daddy.

The angle of having Jake do art therapy with Franco is great. “I used to make drawings like that when I was a kid. A lot. Not necessary a good thing.” No, that isn’t a very good thing. I think Franco will be able to relate enough to Jake to get to the bottom of what’s going on. Even though I’ve jokingly referred to Jake online as #OmenJake, I don’t actually believe he’s evil. Very disturb but not evil. He has a temper and doesn’t seem to understand a lot about the world around him. I suspect he’s probably getting bully at school too. Kids are mean and he’s socially awkward.

Making The Grade

Last week Kristina confessed the secret she’s been keeping to her sister Sam. After a bad break-up, she fell behind in her classes and made the wrong choice of offering to sleep with a professor for a passing grade. The ill-conceived plan backfired and her professor, Parker, reported her instead. Kristina has been suspended and wants to keep the news from her parents, stating that she can go back next semester. Sam agrees not to tell on her little sis because “snitches get stitches.” I’m glade that Kristina’s secret is sexier than just some bad grades. Kristina works as a bit of bad girl rather than an innocent. Leave the abstinence to Molly.

There is more to the story than Kristina told Sam because later she received a text from Parker. If Parker had really reported Kristina for her indecent proposal then why would he be contacting her? Why would he even have her number? Maybe Kristina really did have an affair with her professor but didn’t want to admit it to her older sister. Maybe Parker is trying to blackmail her by threatening to tell her parents the truth. Or maybe what she told Sam was all a lie. Perhaps Sam isn’t the only con-artist in the family. We’ll find out more this week.

Couple of the week: Robert and Anna

Lines of the week: “They’re a little strange.”-Franco “Word of advice colleague to colleague, don’t say strange.”-Kevin

“It’s nice to be wanted. Even nicer to be addressed in first person.”-Anna

Hottie of the week: Curtis

Video of the week: Justin Bieber – Love Yourself (Cover) by Robert Palmer Watkins, Will&Phil, Chris0

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