Gays of our Lives: ‘Hitting’ It In All the Wrong Places

HTF, Season 3, Ep. 5

General Hospital (U.S.)

Most of the scenes with Brad and Lucas had them being held hostage by GH’s latest mobster, which I don’t really care about. All I have to say is that it’s boring that weddings on this show are always interrupted by gunfire. And of course a paralyzed Sonny had to rise out of his chair and rescue everyone. Bah.

DIVORCEBut remember when I said that the show should just wrap up the dumb ass ‘Brad is married’ storyline off screen? That’s exactly what they did. And I doubt if we’ll ever get an explanation as to how and why it happened.

Frankly, I don’t care. I just wanna know what happens next.

Will we get some semblance of a story for these guys now? Will we get a build up to their wedding on screen with some
dramatic and romantic travails along the way? Will we get to see the wedding and have it be about them and not everybody else’s drama?

I’m not asking for major story and major airtime, that’s reserved for the show’s killers and thugs. But a nice little ‘B’ story arc would be nice and well deserved.

I probably won’t get any of that though. I wouldn’t be shocked if in a few weeks, Brad and Lucas just showed up and said they got married off screen.

The show is welcome to prove me wrong, though.

Hit The Floor (U.S.)

Man I wish I lived in the world this show is presenting.

No, I don’t have much interest in basketball. In fact, while I love sports, professional basketball is terribly boring to me.

I mean, I wish I lived in a world where a professional basketball player could come out of the closet and his biggest problem is a nosy and intrusive press.

GUYSAs sexy as Zero and Jude might be and they had some nice scenes, it’s simply implausible that there would be no blow-back from Zero’s coming out. No one on the team, mostly made up of African-American men, had anything to say about their teammate being gay?

There were no comments about having to shower with him? There were no unfortunate rudeness from the public about it? Zero didn’t lose any endorsements like the sexy underwear with women hanging all over him from a few weeks ago?

Lionel, who owns the team and is desperately trying to keep control it, had nothing to say about the PR nightmare Zero put her in?

In fact, except for a ‘we really don’t care’ scene between Terrence and Jelina and then Lionel very briefly talking to Jude about it, the story got no discussion outside of Jude and Zero’s scenes.

I’m sorry, that’s not realistic and not the world we live in, even if there has been many changes and advancements over the years. Everyone would be talking about it and have an opinion.

Now maybe there is homophobia and those type of issues to come down the line, but there should have been an immediate firestorm for all directions coming down on Zero.

Pleasant? No, but it’s far more realistic and dramatic than what did play out.  I appreciate the show treating them like other couples in terms of their steamy and provocative romance, but let’s not ignore the reality of it either.

But I loved that song that played in the background of their final scene. It had me searching ITunes.

Holby City (U.K.)

Poor Digby. Life loves kicking him when he’s down. While what he did in exposing Ulysses was totally wrong and unethical, my hvlcsnap-2016-02-28-13h42m16s741eart broke for him. Hassan is right though. Even if Digby is a match, he shouldn’t be the donor, not with his mental issues.

What is it with this show and super hot patients that turn out to be queer or in this case sexually fluid? That never happened when I worked in a hospital.

Morven is Digby’s girlfriend that he lives with and she doesn’t notice the bleeding mole on his back?

Hey, Digby might not be super buff and all, but he’s not bad without a shirt. A little pale, but he is British.

Do all gay men on TV have hookup apps on their phones? Cause I don’t. Of course, I guess that says a lot about me.

I did like Digby’s storyline, but I would have liked to have seen the resolution of the plot arc with Ulysses.

Secret Lives (Finland)

So is Lari going to suddenly realize that he has feelings for Elias now? Because that would seem to be the next step, even if it doesn’t make sense. I mean, for well over a year, Lari has over and over said he didn’t want to get back with Elias, even when he had the chance, whether he was with Kalle or without him. I’m sure that’s what is going to happen now, but the writing hasn’t been there for it.

I just hate that Kalle will be proven right anELIASd he’ll get his heart broken because he does not deserve that. Or maybe Lari will to to Elias and make it clear, one last time, that it’s over and he’s with someone else now. But I never get what I want. LOL…

Honestly, as much as I like Kalle and Lari together and their scenes were very sweet, they don’t have to be together. I just don’t want Kalle to get screwed over.



Elias’ story part 364

Shadowhunters (U.S.)

This wasn’t a bad episode. Actually, it was pretty entertaining, except for a couple of scenes that I actually hated. But I’ll get to that.

Simon’s story continues to be the most interesting and Alberto Rosende is doing the best with what he’s given compared to the other actors. I was glad to hear that Simon’s ‘vampirism’ was temporary, but I guess that’s about to change!

I thought the scenes with Simon and his family were kind of cute but again like with other people regarding Simon’s show of otherworldly abilities, their reaction Simon busting his desk in half seemed subdued.

BTW, I thought it was funny that Simon, who spent the night having sex with Maureen, leaps out of bed with his shorts on. And only on television peeps are the geeky nerds ripped.

Shame that Magnus was MIA and we got very little of Alec and the storyline about his arranged marriage. I did like Alec’s sister saying she’d be there for him when he was ready to deal with his issues.

Unfortunately we got way too much of Jace and Clary and their relationship. And I hated what the show did with them. In fact, I’m sure I said out loud ‘this is stupid’ about what was going on. After all the death and murder and mayhem, they stop everything in the midst of it to have a romantic moment. Not once, but twice.

Now it would be different if was presented organically, but the characters actually stopped the dramatic events of the scene to do it. And their ‘first kiss’ in the middle of a room with everyone watching just after Clary got the Mortal Cup that she she needs to save her mother, was so forced and ridiculous. Maybe if they had chemistry I might be okay with it. Might.

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  1. I have to chuckle at your Shadowhunters review… Ah, the joy of watching a show for teenage girls. Gotta make time for romance even with demons hot on your trail. One of the point of the Clary/Jace kiss out in the open is so Alec can see it, and hopefully it will help drive Alec into Magnus’ arms.

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