Gays of our Lives: ‘Hitting’ It In All the Wrong Places

HTF, Season 3, Ep. 5


American Crime: An arrest in made in connection with Taylor’s rape and Wes’ murder.


EastEnders: Abi feels guilty about her hookup with Lee and wants to be honest with Ben on everything. Babe tells her she’ll lose Ben if she does that and pushes the girl to keep with her plans to get pregnant. Before she can confess anything to Ben though, he has shocking news for her.


Hollyoaks:  James continues to manipulate Scott in James and Marnie’s efforts to destroy Tony and Diane’s business. Desperate for money, Tony suggests Ste sign over his half of the business  as restitution for the money Harry owes for college. When Ste refuses, Tony hires James to sue Ste and Harry for his financial losses. Um, seriously show? Well, that won’t win Tony Father of the Year for sure.

Emmerdale: Chas is threatened by Gordon, who tells her that Ryan was paid to lie to the police about being raped. She doesn’t believe it, but Robert confirms it. At first she wants to tell Aaron, but keeps quiet when the police, with two witnesses to base their case upon, decide to charge Gordon. Later, Aaron sees Robert and Ryan together and is hurt that Robert might have another man in his life.


Aaron learns the truth about who Ryan really is and is shocked by what Robert has done. Aaron isn’t sure he can base his case on a lie and talks to Ryan, who ultimately withdraws his statement against Gordon. Still, the police decide to forge ahead with the case with Aaron alone. Later, Robert is hurt when Aaron tells him that even after this is over, he only wants to be friends. Robert regrets not taking Aaron up on a romantic encounter when it was offered.


Hit The Floor: Zero throws a wild party coming out party, cashing in on his new found notoriety with the gay community. But does Zero still have secrets to hide? Meanwhile, Oscar calls upon Jude once again to help clear him of a murder Oscar didn’t commit. 

Shades of Blue: Woz and Donnie’s secret affair is revealed and Harlee plans to use it to her advantage. While, Woz’s plans to take over the big job meets a major complication. Elsewhere, the gang mourns Sap’s death, with Woz particularly affected by it.

Shadowhunters:  Alec continues to be tempted by Magnus.


American Crime:  As more secrets are revealed those involved in Taylor’s attack face the consequences of their actions in this show’s final episode.

Hollyoaks:   John Paul is encouraged to find new love; Ste is the target of a nasty scheme by Cameron; Scott finds a shocking way to make some money.

Neighbours: Just as Aaron meets a new guy, Nate comes back to town.

River City: Caitlin turns to Patrick for help with Drew.

Shadowhunters:  The gang have a chance to leave their dangerous lives behind forever.

Shades of Blue: Woz takes a curious interest in a marine veteran accused of murder.

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  1. I have to chuckle at your Shadowhunters review… Ah, the joy of watching a show for teenage girls. Gotta make time for romance even with demons hot on your trail. One of the point of the Clary/Jace kiss out in the open is so Alec can see it, and hopefully it will help drive Alec into Magnus’ arms.

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