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Gays of our Lives: The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

In this week’s edition of Gays of our Lives — Backstage drama at Days of our Lives leads to a creative change; More gays on Hollyoaks; Little plot movement exposes Shadowhunters weaknesses; The Fosters‘ Lena and Stef show strength in support; and so much more!

This Week In News

EastEnders Casts Their New Johnny

We told you a couple of weeks ago that UK soap EastEnders was recasting the role of gay teenager Johnny Carter and the role has been filled. Ted Reilly (above) will take over the role from Sam Strike, who left the part in December 2014.

Show producers say they have plenty of story planned for Johnny when he returns in a few months.

Will that include getting involved in the messy love story between Ben and Paul? Ben and Paul were planning to finally be together, until Ben’s scheming girlfriend claimed she was pregnant and Ben dumped Paul to be a baby daddy to Abi.

Johnny could be the person to heal Paul’s broken heart…

Creative Changes (Again) at Days of our Lives


What is going on at Days of Our Lives? The backstage drama is proving to be more interesting than what’s on screen these days as there’s been another change on the writer’s team.

It was just late last year that Josh Griffith and Dena Higley took over the reins at Days only for Higley to take a sudden leave of absence from a job she’d just started. There were rumors that Higley’s LOA was permanent and that The Young and the Restless scribe Beth Milstein had been brought in to replace Higley.

And now there have been more changes.

Last week Days announced that Higley had returned from her leave and Josh Griffith was leaving the show, by choice they said, and would be replaced by staff writer Ryan Quan (left), who has been on the writing staff of Days for many years and was being promoted to co-head writer.

Quan is only the second person of color to head write a daytime drama (Current Bold and the Beautiful staff writer Michele Val Jean was co-head writer of General Hospital in the late 90s). Of course, we can’t even begin to speculate what this means in terms of story and if this will have an effect on the rumored story for Paul and the return of Freddie Smith as Sonny Kiriakis. What we do know is there’s at least 6 months worth of story that will have to play out on-screen before any substantive changes can be felt on-screen. Episodes airing this week were filmed in early September.

Stay tuned.

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