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‘Once Upon A Time’ Turns 100: Teasers from ‘Souls of the Departed’

ONCE UPON A TIME - "Souls of the Departed" - Emma, Regina, Mary Margaret, David, Robin, Henry and Gold arrive in the Underworld, on a mission to rescue Hook, only to discover that their search will be more difficult than they had anticipated. The inhabitants of the Underworld-all souls with unfinished business and many with quite personal vendettas-hound our heroes at every turn. Meanwhile, in an Enchanted Forest flashback, a familiar face from the Evil Queen's past returns to present Regina with the perfect birthday gift, on the 100th episode of "Once Upon a Time," SUNDAY, MARCH 6 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EST) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Jack Rowand) JOSH DALLAS, SEAN MAGUIRE, JENNIFER MORRISON, JARED GILMORE, GINNIFER GOODWIN, LANA PARRILLA

Can we take a moment to marvel at the fact that Once Upon A Time is about to unveil its 100th episode?

An impressive feat in this day and age where the TV landscape is crazy crowded and networks send shows to an early grave far too often.

Our little fairy tale show is turning 100. No matter your ship or which character owns the number one spot in your heart, just let that sink in.

100 episodes (and counting)!

Now that we’ve finished our reflection, let’s talk about “Souls of the Departed.”

Our heroes barely have time to dock the boat on the underworld’s shores before people are popping up to warn them of the land’s perils. By the end of the hour, we get to meet Hades. It’s safe to say he doesn’t take kindly to people shaking up his domain and one person pays a steep price.

In addition to setting up the underworld story, the episode pays homage to the first 99 episodes of the show. We get to revisit the Enchanted Forest with the battle between the Evil Queen and Snow White on full display. Familiar faces pop up in expected and surprising ways. Nods to the show’s history will remind you why you fell in the first place.

We’re going to delve a little deeper into spoilers at this point (including previously released guest star returns) so don’t say you weren’t warned!

#1 Finding Killian is the group’s number one priority so everyone splits up into smaller groups to try to manage the task a little faster. That’s when the cameo-fun kicks into high gear.

#2 Why is the underworld a twisted version of Storybrooke? Robin and Regina discuss a theory on that matter. Think the chicken and the egg.

#3 Prepare to be transported back to season one—(and a little bit of season two in a different scene) via flashbacks as Cora teams with an unlikely person to make her daughter’s birthday memorable.

#4 Speaking of terrible parents, Peter Pan returns. He has what Rumple needs, but what does he want in exchange? More importantly, who’s at risk if Rumple agrees to his terms?

#5 Regina is faced with a difficult choice: complete the mission or risk the life of someone she loves. Emma, Cora, and Henry (Sr.) all have something to say on the subject. Whose advice will Regina take?

#6 Emma and Killian are reunited in an unexpected way. His appearance provides key insight into the conditions of the underworld. Once again, a choice will need to be made.

#7 More than one story is set up for the next arc. We knew the plan going in was rescuing Killian, but watch for an additional plan to take shape. And that’s just for our heroes. The villains have a few plans of their own.

Bonus Dialogue Teases:

“You won’t find anything unless I want you to.”

“No, but your description’s pretty accurate.”

“I don’t care what they are. They’re disgusting.”

“Killed is a relative term down here.”

“You played with magic you didn’t understand.”

“We’re not leaving until we find Hook.”

Once Upon A Time returns Sunday, March 6 at 8/7c on ABC.




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  1. Yikes! Poor Killian.I feel so bad for him :( Save you man,Emma.

  2. The espisode sounds wonderful! Sounds like we get to see bit of everyone and I’m always excited to see Regina (Lana) get a chance to shine. I’m very excited!

  3. OMG!!!!! Killian!!! What’s happening to my favorite pirate? <3333333333333

    To be honest not thrilled so much to see Regina's episode again! Give me the Captain Swan reunion with kisses and all…

  4. Is it Gold whom pays the steep Price ?

  5. Oooh, that’s the first mention I’ve seen of Regina having to make a difficult choice, that’s very intriguing…Man, it was mean of them to do this when the premiere isn’t for another two weeks!

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