General Hospital Spoilers: February 29, 2016 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Jason and Liz receive some unexpected visitors at Shriners Hospital for Children. Also: Tracy’s health causes concern, Morgan’s troubles put a strain on things for Carly and Sonny, Ava toys with the truth, Maxie struggles with whether she should trust Nathan. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of February 29, 2016.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Quartermaine Down

Tracy recognizes a surprising bond with Hayden but the moment is cut short when Tracy experiences mysterious episode. Later, Dillon insists that his mother see a doctor after another incident. Tracy is worried that she may get some very bad news regarding her health. What is wrong with Tracy and can the Quartermaine Queen overcome her predicament? Look for an amazing performance from Emmy winner Jane Elliot.

The Head and the Heart

The aftermath from the gunrunning debacle has the fate of many of Port Charles’ residence up in the air. Anna contemplates the possibility of jail time while Ava is on the the edge of telling Jordan the truth about her involvement. Will Ava let Jordan in on the fact that Paul was blackmailing her? Ava pushes Paul but she may not get the result she desired. However, she surprisingly finds herself at a truce with none other than Sonny. Morgan’s mental state and uncertain future continues to put a strain on things for Sonny and Carly’s relationship. Meanwhile, Morgan is failing to grasp the seriousness of his situation. Will legal extraordinaire Diane Miller be able to get him out of hot water? Sonny and Carly make a difficult decision that leaves Morgan devastated.

Also this week:

  • With help from their daughter, Julexis get to have a wedding night after all.
  • Jason is thrilled to see Sam and Danny visit but Liz isn’t so thrilled. Sam confesses that part of the reason she loved Jason was because of the exciting danger surrounding him.
  • Maxie worries that there’s more to Nathan’s explanation about “Claudette” than he’s letting on. Nathan is concerned that Nina might spill the truth to Maxie. Lulu urges Maxie to trust Nathan and Maxie urges Lulu to give Dante a second chance.
  • Franco decides to pay his new best friend Liz a visit at Shriners Hospital for Children. While his friendship with Liz may be going well, things get more complicated back home when he discovers, much to his annoyance, that Nina is checking into starting a family.
  • Hayden’s presence at Wyndemere gives Liz reason to rethink Nikolas’ offer to move in.

Source Sneak Peek: March 11, 2016

The recent dramatic turn of events in their lives have Sonny and Carly taking an evaluation their relationship. After Anna solicits Andre’s thoughts about Griffin, she resorts to an online search. Jason has a memory flash of his past as Jason Quartermaine. Nikolas, Sam, Laura, Alexis, Liz and Lulu are all left bewildered by Helena’s parting “gifts.”

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