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Head Above Water

Many years ago, a colleague of mine was going through a rough patch in his marriage. He decided that a divorce was the best option so he set up an appointment with a lawyer. With great honesty, the lawyer explained to him that his wife is used to a certain lifestyle and just how much it would cost him in alimony to ensure she maintains her current means. And that is the story of how my co-worker fell back in love with his wife. Not very romantic right? Luckily for Lante fans, Dante’s decision to give his marriage another shot involved a heroic rescue and the realization that he just doesn’t want a life a without Lulu.

I really liked the scenes of Lulu almost drowning after being tossed off the Haunted Star by Mobster Dayplayer #1. I thought they were filmed very well and had more of an artistic look than we normally see in daytime. There was also something rather symbolic about seeing Lulu struggle to keep her head above water and Dante diving into the icy waters to save her. Dante saving Lulu didn’t automatically fix things for the estranged couple but it reset the path they were on. Dante now understands he needs to not give up on his marriage and Lulu understands she needs some space to sort out her own feelings. Whether they get back together soon or take a bit of a break, there is some hope for both of them and their fans.

Jump Morgan Jump

I’ve had a lot of issues with how the bipolar story line has been done for Morgan. My main issue is that the focus has been mostly on the bad behaviors associated with the disorder rather than the actual struggle. I’ve seen many fans say that they think Morgan is just a brat rather than bipolar and if that’s how they are viewing the story then it’s a failure. The best parts of this story line have been Morgan’s sessions with Andre. I would have liked to see more of Andre working with Morgan on how to cope with his illness but unfortunately this aspect of the situation has been gravely underplayed. Instead Morgan made poor choice after poor choice until it all snowballed into Morgan trying to be a mobster like his daddy and his girlfriend getting shot.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 10.38.00 AMFriday’s scenes with Morgan on the roof were good. I think Bryan Craig did a great job with the material and I liked the spooky exchange with his hallucination of Kiki. Hayley Erin did an awesome job of playing a zombie version of her alter ego, coaxing Morgan to step off the ledge and end their suffering. The scenes had a very unearthly quality to them that I liked. Sonny, of course, saved the day again by standing on the ledge with Morgan and convincing him not to jump.

I hope that this may be one of those stories where the follow up is the payoff. I’m very interested to see how all the chaos that Morgan created has impacted everyone. I hope that Kiki dumps him for good this time and gets a romantic pairing that I’ll actually enjoy instead. I also hope that this will give Morgan’s family, mainly his mother, a wake up call about how Sonny’s business hurts them. Sonny’s lifestyle made a bad situation worse. Morgan would not have been at the dock or even known about the gun deal if it weren’t for Sonny’s need for power and violence. I really enjoyed the scenes where Carly went all Lady McBeth while washing the blood from her hands. She’s had enough of seeing people she cares about hurt. How this shock of awareness will affect her future with Sonny is anyone’s guess but it’s clear that Carly knows she needs to make some tough choices now for the sake of her family. If you follow me on Twitter, then you know that I am not a fan of this current incarnation of CarSon. I feel like Carly has been made subservient and lost her point of view. Hopefully this is the beginning of Carly getting her fire back.

Couples of the week: Julian and Alexis, Franco and Ava, Lulu and Dante, Anna and Jordan

Lines of the week: “I love you with all that I am and that will never change.”-Alexis

“I love you too, Claudette.”-Nathan

“With one step you can end all of our suffering.”-Ghost Kiki

“Have faith in Kiki. She will reward it.”-Griffin

“I was trying to build a love based on a lie.”-Liz

“You know I’ve taken a few hostages in my day and I don’t mean to hurt your feelings but you’re going about this the wrong way.”-Franco

Video of the week: Julexis get married

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