‘Days of our Lives’ Week In Review: Farewell Phoenix

Caroline, Hope, Roman, Marlena, John, Victor and Kate gather at the pub to celebrate the death of Stefano DiMera. ©

Days of our Lives had some bright spots this last week, some of which were very strong for all the right reasons. While many of the main stories on canvas feel silly, repetitive and not very interesting, there is still a few that hold potential. Most of these potentially interesting stories are being carried mainly by strong characters – or characters who seem to be finding their strength and their place on canvas. As another transition period looms ahead, where DAYS will go next is still a mystery.

Now onto a few highlights from Salem, USA this last week!

Week in Review for Days of Our Lives episodes airing February 29th-March 4th, 2016.

The Phoenix Rests

After Hope Brady gunned down a weak Stefano Dimera under dubious circumstances, dumped his body at a demolition site and went on with her life, every DAYS fan not so silently fumed. At the time, it seemed very possible that the show’s most iconic villain would not get the sendoff that he truly deserved and fans were rightfully upset. All of the jeers were silenced across the board when we were treated to probably one of the most creative and entertaining DAYS episodes in a long time.

Last Wednesday’s episode took place around a single table in the Brady Pub for the entire hour, the room full of Stefano’s biggest enemies ranging from Abe Carver to John Black to Marlena Evans, all gathered to celebrate his confirmed death. Once and for all, after twelve previous attempts, Stefano “The Phoenix” Dimera could rise no more and a host of the veterans in town could not be more excited. Just having the whole group of power players in scenes together was like magic, a sort of coming home that every viewer has been missing for years. To hit us all right in the nostalgia, the episode consisted of flashbacks pertaining to each character’s relationship with the Italian crime lord.

With Grandpa Shawn Brady’s vintage Irish whiskey on deck, each member taking part in the festivities went around sharing their stories. Personally, I loved Abe’s and Kate Roberts’ tales the most because they came from a place of animosity shared with everyone else in the room, but a touch of compassion too. Stefano was Abe’s youngest son’s grandfather, he adored Theo Carver and Theo adored him so he couldn’t help but feel sorry for his son’s loss. Abe flashed back to struggles with Lexie Carver and her father Stefano after saying Stefano would have eventually disappointed Theo, or taken him under his wing – much like he did to Lexie numerous times who loved him regardless.

Most everyone expressed gratitude to whomever killed Stefano (with Hope there, clinging to the edge of her seat), it was Kate that actually thanked him for more or less saving her life. Though Victor had to remind her that all he did was turn her into a high priced call girl, an embarrassed Kate was still grateful to her ex-husband who financially funded the woman she became today. I thought that was a really sweet touch especially since Kate isn’t often credited for her backstory. After escaping an abusive situation, she did what she had to do to stabilize her life and then some, now having been the head of multiple international corporations. Stefano and Kate’s business relationship had built something amazing and so had their romantic one, if only Stefano’s jealousy wasn’t always turned onto 100.

When the storm that kept everyone in the pub clears and everyone files out, Hope is on her way out and stops to hug Caroline Brady. In an extremely clever, befitting and applause worthy moment we see Joseph Mascolo as Stefano Dimera for the last time, nothing but a ghostly apparition leaning on the railing of the Brady Pub and laughing a taunt at a terrified Hope. Did anyone else get a feeling of Twin Peaks in that scene too? Either way, the episode was hands down one of the best episodes in recent memory. What a way to go, Stefano!

How’d you feel about the Stefano tribute and do you wish there’d been more?

A Summer to Forget

Just when every DAYS fan thought we’d made a clean escape of all things Daniel Jonas, the powers that be decided to throw us an unwanted curveball (literally) in relation to him. Last week viewers got to meet Summer Townsend, the woman that’s been haunting Brady Black’s dreams since successfully receiving Daniel’s heart in a transplant. After rescuing her from a suicide drowning, Brady decides to take Summer under his wing especially after finding out from the self-professed mentally unstable woman (“Time for my pills!”) that Daniel thought they were brother and sister. One can only wish that Brady had instead received a brain transplant for his never seems to work correctly, especially when it comes to women.

Photo Credit: © JPI Studios

Photo Credit: © JPI Studios

Brady, Salem’s newest psychic, believes that taking Summer back to Salem to figure out if she’s Maggie Kiriakis’ long lost daughter is Daniel’s final mission. Nicole Walker even thinks Summer might be Daniel’s last gift to his mother. Even in death, Daniel is gobbling up the canvas. Stories with touches of the supernatural have always been my favorite soap opera trope. Usually DAYS does them very well but everything about Brady’s visions of Summer is just so contrived. How did Maggie Simmons, crippled from an auto accident and working on a secluded country farm have a baby and adopted it out in secret? It doesn’t really fit the character’s history or her character. Even Abigail Devereaux echoed many DAYS viewers’ sentiments, finding it impossible to keep any kind of secret from the Horton family and for decades when Theresa Donovan recounted the story to her. You know that something is really not going too well when Theresa has to be the voice of reason, always reminding Brady that not only does he not know Summer from a hole in the wall, but that she’s unbalanced and has been in and out of mental treatment facilities. But Brady won’t hear any of it and after hearing news from the nanny of missing his son Tate standing up in his crib, decides to move the unstable woman into his family home. Just let that sink in.

If I were Theresa, I think I would have thrown a fit big enough to bring down that Titan jet from LA to Salem. She’s been trying to hold back her bad girl side since becoming a mom, but it’s obvious that Summer is already wearing her thin. To anyone with eyes, it’s apparent that this is just the setup of yet another love triangle for Brady and Theresa who as parents settling into a new life, should be having more stories focused around that. Chad and Abigail’s pre-wedding bliss story should be swapped with Theresa and Brady, a slightly older couple that deserve a break from drama for a bit. Let Chabby be hot, young and sexy and Thrady be happy, enjoying their bundle of joy. No matter how fabulous Marie Wilson is, I do hope this Summer passes quickly. Bring her back as Sarah Horton instead, the only biological daughter of Maggie’s that we can and will all acknowledge.

Do you want to get to know Summer or should she go get lost at sea?

As usual, if I missed something you really wanted to talk about or something you felt was important, let’s start a discussion. Comment below, tweet me and let’s chat!

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