Gays of Our Lives: Arrest Me, Officer!


In this week’s Gays of Our Lives, Landon and Jeffery are both in risk from dangerous people on The Haves and The Have Nots, Tony is the worst father ever to Harry on Hollyoaks and is there romance ahead for Tyler and Iolo on People of the ValleyAll this and much more.

Picks and Pans

American Crime (U.S.)

Not much to say about this episode. Good as usual, though it dragged a bit. I’m starting to wonder if this show might have been better with one or two less episodes and some tightening. Still, I’m really looking forward to this week’s conclusion.

Just a few random thoughts…

I don’t see how Anne can believe anything that comes out in those e-mails can help Taylor. He went to the school to kill someone and he did. Case closed. I agree with the lawyer. Take the deal.

Photo Credit: ABC/Ryan Green

Photo Credit: ABC/Ryan Green

Sebastian might want to help, but he’s rather creepy. What kind of man, what kind of father travels the country with his kids in tow looking to hack people he finds offensive? He’s no hero and certainly no better than some of the other awful people on this show.

Was Chris’ hearing this show’s attempt to finally tie his story with Taylor’s? If so it’s not very well done.

I still think the events that took place at the other school were mostly a distraction from where the show’s attention should have been.

There were other story points I would have rather seen explored more fully than the racial plot at the other school. Or maybe, as I said before, leaving much of that out could have made for a shorter, more focused and tighter series.

Kevin actually did the right thing for a change. Too bad his parents, per usual are helping him to avoid the consequences of his actions.

Felicity Huffman better get an Emmy for playing a truly vile and repellent character with such skill and depth. Leslie is pure evil as she, yet again, rose above the disaster that she made. It was a plot twist I didn’t see coming. But she pulled it off with panache. Amazing.

Eric and Pete are better off without their selfish and self absorbed mother. Everything is about her when it should be about her kids. Luckily they’ve got their father and he knows where his priorities should be.

EastEnders (U.K.)

Did I miss those scenes where Ben went and told Paul that he might have given him an STD? We know Ben and Paul stopped having sex awhilBENe back, but I could have sworn that Ben said he didn’t know how long he’d been infected or where who he’d gotten it from so Paul could be at risk.

Paul should be told and I don’t understand why it hasn’t happened yet. Or are they just having Ben be that thoughtless and irresponsible?

I’m really surprised that Abi didn’t get pregnant from her alley sex with hot but dumb Lee. Seriously, this boy looks perpetually confused and stupid.

But it makes me wonder where this story is going next. Abi isn’t going to stop trying to get pregnant. Will Ben find out the truth, only for Abi to discover that in the meantime she really did get herself pregnant with Ben’s kid?


(195) Ben 1.3.2016

Emmerdale (U.K.)

Robert’s paying off some random guy to tesitfy that Gordan raped him seems awfully risky and foolhardy. I’ve always thought Robert was much smarter than this. The plan has too many holes and ways to fall apart. I just don’t buy Robert would do it. I do believe he’d want to help Aaron, but I’d think he’d go about it in a much smarter way.

I’m glad that Aaron did the right thing and told Ryan not to get involved. And, ew, Gordon is such a sleaze with the things he said to Aaron afterwards. Glad Gordon got arrested. But won’t the whole paying a witness to lie thing come out anyway and affect Aaron’s case?


What was with the plot point about Aaron spending the night sleeping on Robert’s sofa? That whole thing seemed kind of weird. Robert and Aaron aren’t exactly teenagers whose virtue is at risk.

They’re grown men who’ve had a long relationship. The show is making a big deal of them waiting to hook up again. It just seems odd for these characters. And why didn’t we actually see those scenes anyway?

I did like Victoria playing cupid for Aaron and Robert. That was cute. But I don’t believe for a minute that Aaron really wants to be just friends with Robert. It’s true they are no good for each other, but the show wants us to believe they are ‘true wuv’, so this is just another bump in the road.


Emmerdale 4th March 2016

Hit The Floor (U.S.)

I’m still puzzled as to why Jude went to see Oscar in the first place after what happened the last time. But, I kinda think Jude’s ‘test’ was unfair. After all, Oscar didn’t actually kill Olivia and he’s facing prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Anybody would have made that call. I have a feeling that when Oscar is finally cleared, he’ll go after Jude for not believing him and not helping him.

I’m glad that the show addressed that Zero’s coming out wouldn’t be so easy. However, I don’t believe that the concerns about the impact would be ‘long term’ but immediate with the rest of the team and the fans. I also think Zero is being naive about it, especially given he fought for so long not to be out of the closet. Maybe he’s headed for a harsh reality.

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

Scott watering down the booze is like the dumbest plan ever. But I’m surprised he confessed so quickly after the scheme blew apart.

Is it just me or is James actually flirting with his brother? It just seems to me the way those scenes are being played. Not that I could blame him. Nathan is a hottie.

I’m enjoying James and Marnie’s scheming. It’s fun.

Tony is a terrible father in regards to his demands about the $10,000. Even though Harry is being foolish and irresponsible in throwing away a scholarshvlcsnap-2016-03-06-20h28m52s871ip at a good school to go to the local college so he can be with his loser boyfriend, Tony should not be demanding that money back no matter how much he needs it, especially with a bogus lawsuit. That’s just wrong.

And yet, I understand where Tony coming from. I get why he’s so angry.  It’s really not about the money, but his hating Ste and Harry being together. And I don’t blame Tony for that. No parent would want their child in a doomed relationship with a destructive, dysfunctional man who was only bound to hurt them.

But Tony, as much as it pains him to do so needs to just accept Harry’s choice and let it go. He’s only going to lose Harry. And Harry won’t turn to him when Ste and he do finally implode. Harry will probably need his father when that does happen, but those bridges might be burned.


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