Gays of Our Lives: Arrest Me, Officer!

People of the Valley (Wales)

I haven’t watched this show since they broke up Iolo and William and William left the show. I’m still puzzled about that whole plot arc, especially William not telling Iolo about Sion’s role in Iolo’s kidnapping, but taking the blame upon himself before leaving. I still don’t know why William protected Sion. The show never explained it.

Nor have they explained why Britt and Garry, who both know the truth never told Iolo either, but continued to let Sion play the overbearing father who was oh so right about that awful William. But I guess that’s just a dropped plot poiIOLOnt. And speaking of which…

I’m glad the show hasn’t forgotten that Iolo has OCD, but it still bothers me that they never finished the story they started years ago when they hinted (with all the subtlety of a Mack truck barreling down the street) that the cause of Iolo’s mental disorder was a childhood trauma that he couldn’t remember. For reasons that still puzzle me they just dropped the whole storyline. I really would like to know why.

Garry knows that Iolo has OCD so why didn’t he just tell Tyler that when Tyler was saying that Iolo was weird about cleanliness? Or is that going to be a big plot turn down the line?

I guess the big question here is: is Tyler going to be be Iolo’s new love interest?

Now, the setup is there given that Iolo doesn’t care much for Tyler and Tyler said ‘you don’t know anything about me’ when Iolo accused Tyler of going after Kelly. I don’t see a match for Tyler and Kelly as the show is laying Kelly’s being horny for Tyler on with a trowel and she seems far too old for him.

That said, it’s probably likely that Tyler is for Kelly or some other woman on the show. I just don’t see them giving Iolo a new boyfriend.

It took them years for Iolo to finally have a new beau after his affair with Alun and William and Iolo got very little airtime when they were togetheTYLERr, especially the last few months of their relationship. No, I just don’t see it.

I’d love for it to happen though. Iolo deserves an ongoing boyfriend and Tyler is cute and funny and he looks great in a tank top. What more could you ask for?

Spoilers do indicate something surprising happens between Iolo and Tyler in a few weeks, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up. I still think the odds are Iolo will remain single and alone for quite some time.

So… Britt is bisexual and she and Gwyneth (also bisexual) dated before Britt married Sion? Wow. I had no idea. But a lot has changed since then, most notably that Gwyneth MURDERED Britt’s brother and only served two years for the crime.

I don’t get why Britt would want to be with her and I was stunned when Britt even said ‘why can’t we be together, I even forgave you for killing my brother’. I dunno, somethings would be a deal breaker and that would be one of them.

Shadowhunters (U.K.)

This was a really enjoyable episode.ALEC

As much as I don’t like the plot about Simon being turned into a vampire, the way it’s played out has been interesting.

I ignored the silly Simon gulps down fake blood scene, but Simon’s horrified and disgusted reaction to his new persona was well done. I’m looking forward to how it all plays out.

Hopefully Simon doesn’t become evil, though he probably won’t be the same funny, geeky character from the early episodes. And for me, that’s a shame. The upside is that I’m enjoying the character of fellow vampire Raphael. Hopefully he’ll be sticking around.

So what happened in that scene with Magnus and Alec? It seemed like something occurred that we didn’t see after the camera cut away. Alec went from that scene to asking Lydia to marry him. Or did he do it on impulse in order to keep the power in his family?

I did like Magnus and Isabelle talking about his feelings for Alec. I guess everybody knows Alec likes dudes except for Jace though I think Jace just ignores the obvious.

Love that they didn’t manscape Alec’s chest.

The Haves and The Have Nots (US)

So Candace says to Landon: “I have a hot man in your room waiting to meet you”. And Landon just says ‘okay’ and goes? I don’t wanna slut shamvlcsnap-2016-03-06-19h46m42s981e, but…

Did THAHN have to include the bit of Landon wetting himself in fear? Of course they did.

I didn’t expect to see the closeted gay cop again, but here he is and he’s feeling rapey. Ugh.

Those scenes, which oddly took up much the episode, veered from hilarious to appalling, but I did like the scene where Jeffery basically got into the cop’s face and told him he was a queer who wanted to submit to him.

But did THAHN have to include the bit about the cop having a boner the whole time. Of course they did.

Well, at least they let Jeffery win in a fight with the cop instead of being so meek and mild. So that’s progress. I think.

The thing is, that cop wouldn’t have to try so um, hard, to get laid. Cuz, he is hot as hell. Plenty of places he could get sex on the low down with all the drama. I’m wondering if this story arc is actually going to go somewhere and how old we’ll all be when we actually get there.

Shades of Blue

I’ve missed a couple of episodes, but it seems like I didn’t miss anything. The story is pretty much where I left it. And that’s not a good thing. They’re already dragging things and going in circles. I’ve said before this show’s main plot is unsustainable over more than one season. I feel more that way with each episode. I don’t know what they’re going to do and where they’re going to go next season.vlcsnap-2016-03-06-22h27m25s805

Oh poor Woz, he feels bad about murdering Sap. I guess that’s supposed to deepen the character, huh?

I loved the expression on Harlee’s face when she found out about Woz and Donnie’s affair. That was hilarious.

But I have the feeling Donnie is the only one with feelings in this relationship. I think Woz is just in it for the sex and the money. I’d be shocked if he actually loved Donnie.

I realize Molly was upset about Miguel being in jail for a crime he didn’t commit, but surely she realizes he’s going to head straight for Harlee, which could jeopardize the case. I guess they did it as a plot point, but logically, it makes no sense for her to take such a huge risk.

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