Gays of Our Lives: Arrest Me, Officer!


AMERICAN CRIME - "Season Two: Episode Ten" - Sebastian gets a taste of his own medicine and is stunned to discover that someone is usurping his cause and releasing emails, texts and other pieces off personal information about numerous Leyland families, initiating a chain reaction that could cause the downfall all of those involved with the events of the alleged sexual assault on Taylor, and everything that has transpired since; Dan and Steph must deal with the fallout of their daughter Becca being arrested for supplying drugs to Taylor the day of the murder; Michael goes to extreme measures to ensure that son Kevin won't be implicated as being complicit in the beating of Taylor, which doesn't sit well with Terri; and Chris makes a decision about his future with Marshall High School, on the season finale of "American Crime," WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Ryan Green) TY DORAN, JOEY POLLARI
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American Crime:  In the show’s final episode, Eric agrees to reveal crucial information that could help Taylor’s case, leading to Taylor makes a shocking decision about his future. And Anne isn’t happy about it. Meanwhile, the hacker gets hacked when someone uses Sebastian’s methods to expose more secrets against those at Leyland, leading to an arrest or two and forcing many to face the consequences of their actions.


Hollyoaks:  Ste is targeted by Cameron, who becomes jealous of Ste’s closeness to Peri. Wanting to get rid of Ste, Cam plants a bag of cocaine in the house and everyone assumes it belongs to a supposedly relapsed Ste. No one, not even Harry believes Ste. Later, an angry Ste, along with Harry, moves out of the Lomax house.

John Paul starts spending a lot of time with Diego. John Paul being John Paul becomes attracted to his mother’s boyfriend.  When Ms. St. Claire overheard JP talking to Tom about being single, she asks him out to lunch to make him feel better. But JP blows her off to go jogging with Diego.

Later, when Ms. St. Claire catches up to JP, he whines about being lonely, so she asks him out for a drink. Does she have a thing for JP? Or is there another secret reason for her interest in him?

The next day, Diego offers to help JP set up an online dating profile. And this leads to a big change in JP’s life.

Elsewhere, Scott comes up with a new money making venture that requires him to dress as a clown. He does realize clowns are creepy, right?


Emmerdale: In the ‘please can Finn have a decent storyline department’, Finn and Eric continue to bicker over the changes at the B&B. But Finn’s problems get worse when he begins to think he’s hearing voices and he starts to wonder if the house is haunted. His fears grow deeper when one night alone noises alarm him and he hears music of Val’s favorite songs. Finn goes to turn off the radio, thinking about how it could have been turned on. He thinks maybe Val’s ghost might be responsible. Yes, you read that correctly.


Neighbours: Aaron is enjoying his new job as assistant to the mayor, but he hits a few roadblocks personally and professionally.

Aaron finds out that Nate is back in town, but kept Aaron in the dark about his return. Is this the end for he and Nate?

Later, Aaron accepts a gift of champagne from Tom Quill, who is a hotel development manager in town, but when he learns taking the present was unethical, he returns it.  Tom pays him a visit to apologize for putting Aaron in a tight spot in regards to the champagne and to let Aaron know that his interest isn’t just professional, but personal as well.

River City: When Drew spins out of control and acts out, Caitlin swallows her pride and turns to Patrick for aid in dealing with her son. Patrick tries to help, but Caitlin realizes the real problem is her lies about Drew’s dad. She finally tells Drew the truth about his missing father. But that might only make things worse.


Secret Lives: Kalle goes out for a night on the town with Monica, both of them celebrating being in happy relationships. However, Kalle has too much to drink and wakes up the next morning with a bad headache — and a strange man in his bed. Oops! Lari nearly catches Kalle with his one night stand, but Sanni covers for Kalle by claiming the man spent the night in her bed. Kalle, however, has trouble lying to Lari and considers being honest with his boyfriend. But before he can, fate steps in and makes the situation worse.


Shades of Blue: Woz and Harlee learn more about the big score, which turns out to be an armored car heist. Woz and Donnie’s secret affair becomes less secret. Meanwhile, Woz gets involved in a strange murder case involving a war veteran.


Days of Our Lives – Paul and John struggle to escape from their kidnappers.

Emmerdale: Aaron’s rape trial begins.

Hollyoaks:  John Paul discovers an new side to Scott.

Neighbours: Aaron and Tom share their first kiss.

People of the Valley: Iolo is shocked by what happens between he and Tyler during an argument.

Secret Lives: Kalle’s lies spin out of control; Elias has an Internet date that goes badly.

Shades of Blue:  Woz and Harlee face the consequences when the heist goes terribly wrong.

Shortland Street: Jack takes the law into his own hands.

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