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Welcome to an all new Gays of Our LivesIn this week’s edition, we take a look as Paul’s adventure comes to an end on Days of Our Lives. But will he follow in the family footsteps of violence and murder? While on EastEnders, Abi pretends to lose her fake baby and Phil gets the blame. When Ben seeks his revenge, will his father pay the price? Plus, General Hospital is a c*ck tease and The Fosters breaks my heart. All this — and more!


Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

I’ve watched soaps for over 30 years and I have never, ever enjoyed action adventure storylines on them. They just don’t belong on soaps, mostly because soaps can’t do them well. They don’t have the budget to do it properly so it just looks cheesy and staged and phony. This was no different. I do hope this is the last look into John’s messy past, but I wouldn’t be shocked if the next set of writers rework this whole mess of a story.

This show really needs to work on it’s pacing. Paul was being dragged away for programming on Friday’s show and they didn’t bother to pick up on that cliffhanger until Tuesday? What? And maybe Steve and Rafe might have an easier time of tracking down John if they didn’t rely on Steve’s cell phone and a folded map for info. It’s the computer age, people. I can’t believe thvlcsnap-2016-03-28-04h24m42s107ere wasn’t so much as a laptop in that office. 

And some spies Rafe and Steve are. Marlena was able to follow them to the warehouse and sneak in behind them?

Meanwhile the security guard warned John to keep it quiet and walked out of the room. Then John ripped the pole in half seconds later. The guard told John to stop making so much noise, but he didn’t hear that? Okay.

Paul looked hot in his tank top and tight jeans. Remember all those shirtless scenes he used to do? Good times.

So… after all that, Rafe, Steve and Marlena just capture the bad guys with not a shot fired and barely a few punches thrown? Lame. And all that speechifying and pontificating at the end? Lamer.

BTW, John was talking about capital punishment for his daddy, but other than kidnapping 3 people and trying to kill them, Yo Ling didn’t actually murder anybody. AFAIK, that’s the only basis for the death penalty.

The drugged woman was Rafe’s mother? Uh… okay. She sure recovered quickly!

So is this going to be an actual storyline for Paul? Is it going somewhere? The way it ended sure suggested that. But I wouldn’t be shocked to see Paul vanish for a month or so like it never happened. Guess we’ll see.

General Hospital (U.S.)

I know it’s not going anywhere because I doubt Griffin is gay/bi, but there’s was definitely some flirtation going on between Brad and Griffin and the two guys do have some chemistry.

Then again, if Kristina can be bisexual, Griffin can too. LOL..BRAD

As much as I hate the idea that Brad might cheat on Lucas, especially with a friend of Lucas’, I need to see more Brad on my screen. And this would be a perfect story as Brad’s wedding approaches.  Brad gets cold feet and worries about being tied down (unless he likes that sort of thing) and that leads to a little something with Griffin.

Maybe not a full on affair, but just a one night stand or just a kiss. Brad realizes it’s Lucas he wants, but his mistake could have big ramifications. See, that idea is for free, GH.

It would be even more fun if we learn Lucas and Griffin had a fling while in college to complicate matters.

As for the story, I know Brad is just playing a very minor role, but it was jarring that the show ended with he and Griffin being threatened to lose their jobs, but the thread was not picked up the following episode or even the rest of the week.  

Maybe in a few weeks, I guess.

EastEnders (U.K.)

Ha! I loved Aunt Babe staging it so Abi could fake a miscarriage.  Such good soap. And with Babe fixing it so it looks like Phil was responsible, Ben will feel so guilty (especially since Ben goaded Phil into getting drunk) he won’t think of leaving Abi. And of course she’ll scheme to get herself pregnant as quickly as she can. This isn’t over by far. And it’s fun to watch.

I know Ben is upset about Phil’s descent into booze, but I wish Ben would realize that even at his ‘best’ Phil was homophobic and sometimes cruel towards Ben. It’s why Ben got caught up with Abi in the first place.

I’m sure Phil will get better at some poiPAULnt. I just hope Ben doesn’t keep letting him run his life like he always has.

That was a really lovely scene between Paul and Ben. I actually felt the chemistry and longing between them and I haven’t seen much of that during this storyline.

It’s pretty clear they still love each other, but Paul doesn’t want to be Ben’s secret anymore. Good for him.

And with Johnny’s return right around the corner, I have the feeling Ben is going to have some very unwanted competition for Paul.

I like that Jay finally has a girlfriend, but I think she’s got a big secret.  This won’t end well.


(198) Ben 25.3.2016

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Anthony D. Langford
I watch a lot of television, probably too much. But can you really watch too much TV? I've yet to find out. Anyway, I especially love TV when they give us positive portrayals of gays, something that has gotten better but we're still fighting for. I've written about gays in television for many years first at the much missed After Elton, then New Now Next and now at TV Source. It's kind of a passion of mine and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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  1. While I too don’t think “General Hospital” will make Dr. Griffin gay or bi – especially given Kristina’s sexuality story – I actually thought there was a little vibe between him and Lucas a few weeks back, when Griffin said something about them having lost touch after med school and Lucas acting a little sheepish about it. It reminded me a little of early Kish, when Fish and Kyle referred to their college romance in veiled terms. Also, I couldn’t help noticing that Griffin has befriended Lucas’ fiance and has gotten friendly/been chem tested with Lucas’ cousin Maxie, but there’s been no acknowledgement of the shared thread. A different show might be setting up something with that, but this show is, of course, “General Hospital”.

  2. You were right about Holly. She’s petulant, confused why people are mad at her for messing with them, and strangely indignant at this anger. It’s such a bizarre and unpleasant choice.

  3. The part with Ben trying to smother Philth was hilariously cartoonish. This whole Abi storyline is beyond moronic. So now she has “miscarried”. With chlamydia. So when it is revealed that that cross-eyed mouth-breather Lee has chlamydia too, and that Abi will most likely be miraculously re-pregnant, will anyone figure out that Ben hasn’t had sex with her since her last moon but someone else has?! Probably not. Because the gas leak that keeps Albert Square stupid hasn’t been and will never be fixed.

  4. Magnus has already been accused by some fans of sexual harassing Alec by just teasing him with the line “I will do you pro bono”. LOL Imagine their reaction, if Magnus actually does what you suggested. As a jaded adult, I would also love to see a darker and tougher Magnus and a less innocent Alec, but the show is limited by its source material and ultimately its target audience. In the same vein, it should be obvious the incest is just a plot device to generate some angst and will be dismissed eventually with some loopholes.

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